Monday, June 28, 2010

Can't Be Tamed !

The other day Miley and i had a live chat to discuss her new record " Can't Be Tamed " which just released a week ago ! It's gotten such amazing positive feedback it's incredible . It was at the top in sales on iTunes it's first day . I've had people say that they can relate to most of the songs on the album such as " Stay " and " Liberty Walk " . And i think Miley is just sooo incredibly thankful to you guys for accepting this album like you have cause it means soo much to her cause this album is raw and real and like she's said , it's like her diary . I personally love the tracks on this album and with knowing Miley on a deeper , personal level , i can honestly say that the lyrics you hear on this album is genuinely her . Her emotions , thoughts , feelings , are all there . Just raw . I know some people have been hating on Miley's recent performances and the outfits she performs in , etc . But just remember that Miley isn't getting any younger . She is growing up , she is maturing , she is evolving . Just because you may dislike or disapprove what she wears , does or says isn't going to make her change into what YOU or anyone else wants her to be or thinks is best for her . She will continue doing whatever she wants , cause she is in control of her life , and she is not your ROBOT . Can't stress that enough :)

So i took some of the comments about the album that were made during that chat and am posting it here so y'all can see the different and/or similar opinions some people had on the album as a whole , music video , as well as certain individual songs .

@PaigeMcBeth: I have to say Can't Be Tamed is one of the best music videos recently. Very original and unique! Something fresh!

Julia: i LOVE Stay and liberty walk!! well the whole album really but those 2 are my fave :D

@Casstro: I love the outfits. So innovative! The make up and hair was pretty amazing as well! It pulled together fabulous! Especially since Miley created it in her mind. How amazing is that?

@PaigeMcBeth: @Casstro Agreed!!! Everything about it is pure WIN! I loved it! The dancing in it was fabulous too!

@shelb92: i love this album! i think its my favourite one of your albums so far, my favourite song is 'robot' :)

@shelb92: i love the song robot! like love love haha its so catchy its always stuck in my head! lol

@AppleSkittles: um yes, stay, that is a very lovely song. Not just the words, but Miley's voice is clear and you can hear every tremor of emotion in her voice. She expresses the meaning of the song well and you don't even need to be able to relate to understand the love clearly entrenched in the lyrics.

@PaigeMcBeth: My favourite song is Can't Be Tamed hands down. One of the best new pop songs out there now! It's not just my favourite song on the album, but for this year, one of the best pop songs for sure! I like Robot too, and Who Owns my Heart!

About "Liberty Walk":

Julia: love it one of my favourites love the rapping!

@yoKarina: i love that song

@PaigeMcBeth: Yeah, I like it too! I love upbeat stuff

@Paigey215: my favorite!!!!!

@Ourladyanna: it was like her heart was made of music & we got to hear it

@paigey215: i love the fast pace part!

@Casstro: Inspiring

Julia: love the rapping in liberty walk my fave :D

@z0mbiezer0: To be honest, not one of my favorites. It's a great song though.

About "Who Owns My Heart":

@z0mbiezer0: Second favorite song on the album.

@paigey215: really "clubby"

@PaigeMcBeth: Yeah, I really like this song too!

Julia: love that one as well love the chorus!

Below are some questions Miley answered during the live chat , that some of ya'll may have missed.


@paigey215: is this feeling of having yet another album all over itunes and stores everywhere like the most surreal feeling ever or are becoming used to it by now?!

Miley: I don't think it's something you ever get used to. I've had a lot of records including Hannah so it's not like a brand new feeling but it's better to me cause it's not like the shock I focus more on the love and support. So it's a really awesome feeling and this is my most honest record, so I'm really stoked. I'm very happy.

@OurLadyAnna: saw your performance at house of blues--you were wonderful, stupendous, you perform the songs in perfect emotion and energy

Miley: I had really fitting emotions for yesterday so I'm really happy it showed in my work. Yesterday was very important to me and I'm happy out of all the craziness I had the show to really let loose and stuff, it was fun.

@Casstro: How do you push through, When you might not really want to perform? Emotions, or tired?

Miley: I'm not ever really too "tired" for a show, I think it's cause there are always so many people and in shows I put them first. And it's really loud music, and screams and it kinda wakes you up. But emotions I just put into the music. I normally close my eyes when I'm like performing through emotions cause rather it's anger or sadness or whatever i try to keep the emotion up front. It's normally pretty obvious wen I'm mad @ concerts. Hahaha

@paigey215: miley i laughed so hard when you thanked liam in your acceptance speech on sunday and the girls went CRAZYY omg u were like WOAHH

Miley: Ha me thanking him got more cheers than me actually getting the award. I was like "okay all of these girls are in love with him or something" I disliked them the rest of the show. Jk

@LalaBecky26: Miley, who's Permanent December about?

Miley: No Becky. Thank you SO much for your actual question, and permanent December is about a bunch of different things. It's kinda about past relationships and also some new it's just kinda random and like something I wanted to release.

Julia: miley whats liberty walk about? its my fave on your album :)

Miley: Liberty Walk is about leaving somethin or someones abuse. It's originally written for mental or emotional or physical abuse. Liberty Walk is one of my favorites for that reason too, I relate to it and it's a story of mine so I'm really happy for the feedback it's gotten back.

Julia: miley are u touring this year?! :D

Miley: Probably not

@shelb92: haha no one comes to australia :( or they do but just go to sydney not perth lol

Miley: Australia is my second favorite country! So hopefully I'll be there asap :)

@TheHeartOfMiley: Miley what was the first and last song you recorded for the album ?

Miley: I recordeddd.. Who owns my heart first and scars last.. I think

@paigey215: are there any songs youve written that you wish had been put on the album but couldnt/didn't?

Miley: That's the hardest part. Picking songs you wanna release, there are lots of songs I wrote that I didn't put on the album.


Miley: And remember how thankful I am everyone; yall buying Cant Be Tamed or just listening is so amazing to me. It's the best thing ever, it's my diary. It's my past and my present and so much of me. You all paying attention and relating means the world to me! You are all worth so much to me, I have the best fans in the world and I am so thankful for you. None of this would be possible without you. Your all awesome and I love you so much more than you could ever imagine! You are the BEST!!! I love u all so much! Xoxoxoxoxoxo! Your amazing! Don't pay attention to negativity! I ignore all the mean stuff. It's not worth it. You all know I love you, and this world is made of love. Love and forgive everyone, I love you all, God bless you guys. Thanks so much for letting me live my dream, you're the best fans in the world, I love you! God bless, have a great night! Xoxo

A Message From THOM :

Thanks to those who participated in the live chat . Thanks to everyone who has already purchased Miley's " Can't Be Tamed " album and those of you who are planning on buying it when you can or gets released in your town and those of you who have openly shared your thoughts and opinions and spread the word about all of Miley's current and upcoming projects ! Thank you for the continuing support on @TheHeartOfMiley , for respecting Miley and allowing Miley to continue to openly communicate with you all through this site . I want big things for you guys ! I'm only planning on making THOM even bigger and more special for you guys ! But it's not possible without your support ! I love you guys, i know Miley loves you guys to the moon and back . Ya'll are amazing !

Please take note that the only official THOM sites are: ( Page is named TheHeart OfMiSmile )

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THAT IS ALL . Believe NOO Other :)

<333 Ash

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


K so i know i haven't been blogging much and i know i havent been tweeting much . But i log on and i notice that each day i have less and less followers . Like , im tired of giving my all and tryna keep up with you guys with everything Miley and tryna keep you guys updated and its like ... for what ? to keep losing people ? We've told yall to spread the word . Miley used to have close to 40,000 followers on her last @Mismile account before it was suspended . But its never gonna reach that again with 2-3 #FF .. and thats pushing it . If you dont spread the word , and we lose followers instead of gain them , how are we gonna be able to share with the world how amazing Miley is ? Don't be selfish ! I know you guys love the sometimes 1-1 bond Miley has with you guys but share your experience with others .

Dont just do #FF .. Do follow mondays and tuesdays and wednesdays ... everyday ! Not just for @Theheartofmiley but for Miley on @Mismile too !

Remember you can ask questions to me on and you can ask Miley questions on

i have myspace too. so please add it ! Spread the word . Im thinking of making a THOM Facebook too . We'll see ! Keep supporting . We love y'all !

<3 Always , Ashley

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Last Song Movie Premiere !!!

OMGOSH. Kays soo .. The Last Song came out YESTERDAY ! && I must say, it is SUCH an amazing movie ! & i'm not even just saying that cause my friend is in it or because this is a Miley support site BUT because it is GENUINELY an AMAZING movie with such a beautiful, powerful message & truly unique.

I wanted to see it more than once yesterday but unfortunately i only saw it once. I begged my co-worker to come with me cause i know she was dying to see it with too. Our theater was semi packed. But then again the movie was @ 10:10pm.

I was REALLY annoyed at first, cause as the movie was starting there were soo many people shouting such rude & negative comments about Miley. I seriously wanted to throw my Strawberry Icee at them >_> ... But as the movie progressed, i noticed people getting into it. People were cracking up at some parts. There were a lot of comments on Bobby, the kid who played Miley's brother. The crowd thought he was too adorable, and he was. I heard comments like "Ohh Miley has an attitude! You go girl!" and i laughed. DUH. She is playing a rebellious teenager! ha.

The crowd went WILD when Liam first kissed Miley. Like, seriously shouting & clapping like crazy. Someone even took a picture of the screen, flash & all (lol) so I thought that was cute so i had to capture the moment too ! All in all, soo many people cried, almost everyone laughed, and in the end, the ENTIRE auditorium stood up and clapped. No joke. I had never seen that at ANY movie I've ever gone to see. So that says ALOT.

I am just so incredibly happy for Miley's success and that her dreams are coming true one by one. She is too incredibly talented for it to go unacknowledged . I know there's alot more where that came from. I'm still in awe just thinking about the fact that Miley & i first met during the time she was filming "The Last Song" last year. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this journey with her & now you guys have that opportunity as well. You guys are ALL on this amazing journey with Miley and will continue to grow and transition with her as well.

If you haven't already seen the film, please do so ! Go with a crowd of people ! You won't regret it . I'll be seeing it again tomorrow ! :) I think it's time i read the book too . I have it, just haven't had time to read it . But i will now !

Down below i'm posting comments from people who have already seen the movie & their thoughts about it... Including some comments from my friends who also saw it! <33

" omg I wasn't to excited about ' the last song ' but WOW amazing beautiful ass movieee cried a lot & just appreciate people that love you when there alive not gone or almost gone use your life time wisely ! " - EV

" absolutely loved "The Last Song" :) Def teared up, very deep. Treasure every moment spent with the ones you love most ♥ " -PD

@redsmileys: @TheHeartofMiley saw The Last Song today! I just cried. Miley did an amazing job.It was such a good movie w/a great story..Just I Love it<3

@KikitaLinda: @TheHeartOfMiley reading the book changed my life but seeing it in the movie just added to it @mismile shined beautifully in the role

@McKenzieLynn: @TheHeartOfMiley The last song was the best movie I have seen in a long time. It made me and my b est friend cry good job Miley congrats ...

@JuicyPrincess92: @TheHeartOfMiley it was amazing! Miley was so good, her role seemed so natural for her! Her & Liam had awesome chemistry!

@Forever_xx: @TheHeartOfMiley The Last Song was insanely amazing. Miley was incredible as was Liam. They're chemistry really came through. I'm the kind of person that thinks most movies are good, but this one left me speechless. I have never cried from a movie, felt some pretty deep emotions but never cried. The Last Song left me in tears. Miley's acting really drew the audience in and I personally felt the same emotions as Ronnie at some points and could relate to what she was going through. Miley did an amazing job and I could not be more proud of her. She was truly beautiful throughout the movie. I will definitely be going to see it again!

Thanks for the continuing support guys ! You guys are TOO amazing !!

<3 always, Ashley

Monday, March 8, 2010

Soooo last night we had another live chat ; we talked about everything ; including last nights Oscar Awards which Miley attended and looked absolutely stunning in her gown . So during the live chat , Miley was talking about how amazingly happy she is and has been lately and it just made me smile cause Miley has come SUCH a LOOOONG way since her and i first met almost a year ago . Like , this girl has transitioned and matured in such ways that sometimes just leaves me speechless . She is headstrong and she actually knows what she wants ; unlike me (hehe) . & so Miley has served as such an inspiration for me lately , cause i myself have been going through hell's fury for a while now and she has been there for me ( not literally speaking , cause she is miles and miles away from me ) but she HAS been there for me , during the wee hours of the night , through the venting and the tears and the worries and the pain , and not just the negative stuff , she has been there with me through MY life transitions and my growing up in certain ways and through the laughter and they little , cherished moments of happiness i could grasp from time to time . She has been SUCH a loyal friend through all of the things that SHE has to go through on a daily basis , and her job and being here and there , etc .

There are some things we can't relate to about each other ... i don't know what living with paparazzi is like and she prolly doesn't know what it's like to do a job like mine , cause we are both doing two different things in life , but there ARE other things we can relate to , that are even deeper than that , and support each other in every which way possible . Last night in the chat ; Miley disappeared for a few minutes , but her reason for being absent for the time being was definitely a good one ... She was writing what i will now show you (for those who couldn't make the chat last night)and it left me absolutely speechless and touched and teary eyed and just everything . It was so amazing :

Miley: It's really hard when people want to tear even Ashley down not knowing her from Hollywood or anything, it's hard because people don't know Ashley from those things, and they haven't seen me with her in paparazzi and all of that other stuff so people automatically want ot make something of that, and that's really sad to me and that's really a shame because Ashley, you ARE such a beautiful person, and we HAVE gone such a long way, and we've both seen each other transition so much. I've "seen" her go from a really complicated and really hard times to now being so strong and doing things literally her way, and changing her entire life, and turning her entire life around within a couple months, and it's such a hard thing to watch and know that a friend is going through so much but I think through the rough times, that we've shared from my break up and into my current relationship and all of the struggles that I've had and the talks we've had about everything from paparazzi, to expectations of Hollywood, to dreams and what I wanna do with myself NOW, and the fears of Hannah ending, and all of that. And to her careers, and her medical concerns, and the really hard times that she's truly had, TRULY struggled more than almost anyone that I know, and coming out on the brighter side of that ON her own, with no help, and with so little and still had the moral value to appreciate everything, I think that we've really grown a lot from each other, and gotten to know each other SO much, and really matured together in a lot of things. And so it sucks when I see people hating on ASHLEY when she hasn't done anything, or when people are hating on me and she hates that too, it's just really sad that people are so full of negativity. I've never really been a negative person, I can't stand negativity all of the time, and I've been to that point myself but I've never intentionally sat around and hated on someone, and accused someone of things that are crazy impossible, and horrible things. So we really do owe Ashley SO much because I would not be on twitter at all, we wouldn't have the things going on now if Ashley hadn't stuck with so much that she has, and so really we owe Ashley EVERYTHING that THOM is, that THIS is, that really SO much and it sucks that people don't give her that, and the trust and the friendship and everything that she deserves. I met Ashley close to a year ago, and I don't think I've been really that close with someone through so much in a really long, if at all, so it's crazy and I' just so thankful and I hope that everyone else is too. I think that a big thing with me is that I get called fake a lot, and less NOW than I did before, but I have ben called fake a lot on twitter, and all kinds of things and it's hurtful. But it's really kinda normal for me now, like I said, I have about 2,300 followers on twitter right now and I haven't had one call me fake and I get a lot of replies and that's AWESOME that's how I want it, that's how I LOVE it, so it's amazing and I'm so happy but it's like people asking YOU to prove YOURSELF. Just because I'm where I am does not mean that I'm any less of a person, any less of a 17 year old girl so it really sucks that people don't care about that, and they cast that away because of where I am. The twitter I have now, mismile, is for my fans because I love my fans and the people that support me because that IS everything that makes me where I am. If I didn't have that support, I wouldn't be here. So I do that as a backup thing, I was really close to making my official back the other day and it didn't happen, a lot THANKS to Ashley because she showed me what I'd go through again, reminded me WHY I left, and it was a reality check for me. But it's like any other person on the street, these people tell you that they LOVE you, and that gives you such an AMAZING feeling and then they say, "but show your face!" and it's like.. okay, so you DON'T love me for ME, and MYSELF and WHAT I stand for, and WHO I am, it's WHAT I am. It's the FACE, it's the Hollywood, it's the face and the title that people care about. And that can CRUSH a person, that's CRUSHED me and I had to learn that being called fake is OKAY. and it's NOT. Not in any context of the word " fake" it's NOT okay and I shouldn't have to think that way at 17 years old, that's SO sad. It's like I'm not normal. I AM normal, and I intend on proving that. And I think that's WHY I stay away from " proof" crap, and all of that. Yes, I will have a video chat as Ashley's said before, but as for does it hurt that I have to? Yes it does. It's always gonna hurt. But I just find it so sad that I have to sit around and feel that way and I' not even an adult yet, and think it's okay that people care about me for a title and not for my heart, or that that is a POSSIBILITY of any friendship. And I also wanna thank Ashley for that because when I explained that to her she understood immediately and really responded to it and SHE had my back, she's had my back through EVERYTHING and I hate that I've brought "haters" on her, it's something I have to live with everyday, knowing my friends can talk to people and all of a sudden they're hated because they're close to me, and that's really sad too. So I am a burden in a lot of ways, and it's not something that will go away with "I love you more than what your title brings my life " it's more than that, it's more serious than that, but yeah. Anyway. I just felt inspired to write that! ha.

Isn't that absolutely amazing ? She couldn't have say any of that any better ! Please reflect on what she said and re-read it if necessary and just take it all in and i hope you guys all understand what she means and know that it all comes from TheHeartOfMiley .

<3 Always , Ashley .

Friday, February 26, 2010

Special Event ;)

WOW . So it's been forever and a DAY since i last blogged on here . It's been SUCH a busy past couple of months , for both myself and Miley , on two completely different levels . We haven't really had an official Q&A blog in a while too . Everything has been getting done on formspring . But i think imma cut back on the formspring and just go back to the usual Q&A interview like before :)

So , I was talking to Miley the other day about something pretty exciting . She had mentioned it before but , her and i had never really talked, talked about it fully , but then i discovered a way that it could finally be done , and i think it's time our truly devoted , loyal followers get rewarded for just being AMAZING and non stop supportive fans of Miley .

Ready for this ? Kays , so , next month , Miley has world premieres to attend for "The Last Song " Movie . Like literally all over . USA , Australia , maybe some other countries too . Miley and i have decided , that within the week after her LAST movie premiere , we are gonna officially have a LIVE Video Chat !!! Yes , seriously , a Video Chat !

BUT , see , we are not doing this to " prove " ourselves or to cause any type of stir or any type of attention . We are doing this specifically for THOSE who have truly been there with us through thick and thin , the ones who have participated in most if not all THOM events , the ones who haven't given us headaches day in and day out . The ones who truly show their love towards Miley and support her no matter what and have never had a doubt in their mind about anything !

This Live chat after the premieres will be a quick process . Miley and i will hand pick those we think deserve to be in our first official video chat . Depending on how that goes will determine any other future live video chats with Miley and I .

We want you guys stoked , excited , and totally looking forward to this upcoming THOM event which I'm sure will bring true smiles to those selected . I'm talking about a matter of only a few weeks !! Miley and i have to completely figure this out to a tee to make sure it is absolutely successful but I'm pretty sure it will be !

I'm pretty excited myself . To be able to finally see all your beautiful faces & interact on an even more personal level . We have nothing to hide . Get pumped , get hyper , don't worry ... be happy . LOL . Throughout the next couple of weeks either Miley or I will be tweeting about how this whole live chat is coming about and later on we'll set an official date and time etc . I hope you guys are truly excited and i can't wait to give you guys more info as time goes on ;)

Love you ALL . Thanks for being so supportive .

<3, Ashley

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Q&A 12/09/09 <3

Here is the FIRST part of this weeks Q&A session ... If your question(s) were not answered here, they will most likely be answered soon in the next Q&A !! Thanks to ALL who participated !

What is one thing you miss MOST about your childhood?
Probably the freedom, cause like not even with Hollywood when your a kid you don't know about what anything is so when you play, you don't think of that stuff. Your completely innocent and your completely free and happy, and I definitely miss being able to do something without second guessing it. I still try and do that, but no one can truly master that, especially like any kid can.

If u could say ANYTHING you wanted 2 the paparazzi/media without getting any repercussions for it, what would you say?
Just to leave me alone! Lol! I wouldn't say anything really because I don't want them to know anything, that's the point of the whole thing and it's kinda really hard when you can't even go outside without cameras in your face. Like everyone started a huge thing at me the other day cause I "smiled at the London paparazzi" it's like WHAT the heck, I can't smile? when there's people taking pictures of your every step, what are you suppose to do? I just try and make the most of it. I just really wish media would get a little bit of decency, and just realize that Im a teenage girl, and I deserve a private life too. Until that happens, I'm just gonna keep trying.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
Uhhh, haha. When we were in Nashville, I had my best friend with me and we were in one of the old pick ups at the farm, and I wanted to go mudding cause I grew up going mudding, and I can drive now without an adult, so it's like.. let's just do it. So we went and got in the old pick up (P.S. mudding, for those who don't know, is just driving really fast, spinning out, ect, in the mud.) and just drove around the farm at like 130 I think, I dunno how fast I eventually went but I was flooring it, and spinning out and all that stuff. It was really fun though.

What the heck is a corn nugget?
It's just a nugget that has corn in it! it's realy good, it's like a chicken nugget, but with corn inside.

If you could trade places with ONE person, be it a Celeb, or just a regular person, who would it be?
I think I've answered this question before actually, but I don't really know, I mean I'm happy with who I am and I enjoy my life, I think if I could switch with someone it'd probably be like Marilyn Monroe, or Lady Gaga, someone that's really different, but really inspirational.

When will you come to Vancouver? Or even Canada for that matter. Anytime in the near future?
Hopefully very soon, I know a lot of my friends go there so often and I've been trying to get there but I dunno when yet, hopefully very soon.

Why do u claim to despise pop music but yet make pop music. Do u see how that could be insulting to your fans?
No, I love music you can dance to. Performing and being a fan of is two completely different things. My songs come from my heart, and any song like that I'm a fan of whether it be blue grass or metal. Plus, I could never do a concert that I didn't move, and being young and being where I am pop is my outlet. Right now I'm working on my very last "pop" record actually, so I'm very excited about that, we're doing a few pop songs, covering a really awesome few songs, doing some rock, and toward the release date, we'll pick which ones officially go on the record, but right now it's sounding really good and we have dance tracks, and heart break tracks, and new love tracks, and soul tracks, and rock tracks, and country tracks, and it's all gonna be a really awesome blend but it's definitely gonna be more aimed toward being my last pop record. After this record I'm taking a break from music, I'm gonna step back and focus more on some other aspirations in my life, and I'm super excited about that too. It's gonna be a big deal.

What are three "Nevers" in your life? Ex. something you will never do or say.
There is one guy in my "past" that I will never ever see again, but I don't wanna take three "nevers" and be like 'oh cause that's SO not important so I'm gonna throw a guy in there!" but if the three your asking for are guy, action, and language, umm.. I never want to SAY that I know everything, or that I know all I need to know, I never wanna say I'm good enough. Like I think we can all go above and beyond and I never wanna settle, or be like "no, I'm good enough for this" because I'm not. I never wanna DO... umm.. drugs. Definitely drugs, everyone at some point in their life will come in contact with basically almost any, "experience"? I guess. But the one thing I would never ever try is drugs or anything like that. And I also never wanna go against my heart, I've learned, mainly this year that if you want something with your head, and you do it, but you want something else with your heart it's gonna bomb. And just to follow your heart and things like that, I never wanna go against my heart. And for the guy I'd never go back to.. umm.. probably the guy that lied to me, and that tore me into the ground. There are some heart breaks where you can find a friendship, and a best friendship FROM it, but uhh, my "guy" thing would probably just be the person that I didn't have any connection with after, and they like.. completely disgust me now, and it's just like - whatever, do your own thing, stalk me on gossip sites, but don't ever try and come back because I don't want you, and I'md oing better things. I had a guy, that tried to hold me back from something I really wanted to do, and he basically said "If you go, I won't be here when you come back." and I was like, well I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out cause I have to live my life.

Which members of your family are with you in England? will they all be joining you for Christmas?"
Hopefully we'll all be together for Christmas, right now my dads schedule is pretty messed up so we're trying to figure some stuff out. Right now in England we have me, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, uhh.. my little sister, my little brother is kinda in and out cause he has a girlfriend back home and he goes to see her and goes back for school stuff or whatever and he has his own little garage band back home, but my big brother is with me, and some stuff like that, it's really cool, it's always super comforting having your family around.

Since you're in England, what's the one thing you wish it had that the US does?
Ummm.. I don't really know, England has been really peaceful for me I've had a really awesome time, and I'm really excited to be here. I have all my needs. Haha.

Will there be new music for HM season 4?"
There will definitely be some new music, we're working on some stuff but right now I'm working on the album, I'm working on tour and I'm really like.. worked out, but they haven't even aired the whole Season 3 yet, so I'm not worried, hopefully things will kinda crash down at once, the record and tour, and then I'll be home and I can focus on Hannah like nonstop.

Even though your a professional singer, do you sometimes try to sing when no ones around so they cant hear you?
Being a singer, and having a passion for singing are two completely different things, on two completely different maps. When you have a passion for singing you want to sing all the time, you have a song in your heart all of the time that you just want to share. Now, I am a professional singer, I'm an entertainer at heart so I definitely do have those times that I wanna share it with millions of people, and I wanna rock out and do shows and stuff but at the same time I have basically a whole closet full of like 5,000 songs I've written just for me, that no one will ever hear that are just to help me. To help me get through things, get things out, to work through some stuff with myself, and that's passion, is when you can sing in front of millions of people and be so happy and so at peace, because music IS my peace, but also be in your room, by yourself, and sing a song that's on your heart and still feel so fulfilled and happy.

Besides performing and meeting new people, what kinds of things have you been doing in England?
I have been getting a LOT of coffee, doing a LOT of shopping, ha! Me and my friend Scott we're like nonstop, and Denika has been with us so much right now too cause she's not working on any other projects so it's kinda us three. It's so awesome having actual friends, like I mean my best friend is my mom, but it's awesome having friends you can trust that ISN'T your mom, and I can't really say that often, so it's so cool to be like 'yeah I go out with friends all the time!', so yeah, basically just hanging out. We've played a couple games of hotel hide and seek, we've played some pranks, we've gone dancing, we make little videos on my computer in the middle of the night it's just normal stuff. Being in England is so amazing though, we've definitely been doing some major sight seeing, and walked so much.

Can you ask Miley is she still friends with Taylor Swift?
You know, me and Taylor I think will always be really good friends, we've been friends since I was like 13, and I think she'll always be there, but there are always those people that like.. I dunno, not "judging" but it's more of like.. if you don't fit. When I was with Justin Gaston, I was really different from how I am now, and me and Taylor were best friends, they were my two best friends, and now that things have changed, I'm really kinda finding out who my friends are, and she is still a friend of mine but we're in two completely different groups. I don't care about "clicks" or anything, it's not like THAT, it's more of like.. we're just focusing on different things right now I know she's super focused on her career, and her business, and I'm more focused on transitioning, and being 17, and finding those people that will be with me through life, and having fun. so I'm more for personal teenage stuff, and she's more for career, so we're still friends we're just in two different directions right now.

Does Miley have a special Christmas gift she's wanting this yr or a special one she wants to give to someone?
I dunno if I want anything special, I recently got like this rhinestone phone cover? and I'm literally obsessed, and I told my mom I was happy for years because that thing would keep me entertained. That'll probably go away in like, a week, but whatever. Right now I'm content. Haha. And I can't say anything about that because some of my friends read this blog. Scott reads it, I know. Denika reads it, and I know a couple of my friends, and my other best friend read it so it’s like, yeah no. And I think my mom reads it too so it's like, I can't say anyhting or people will tell people what I got them and stuff like that. So we'll have to share after the holidays!

Dying to know if Miley has favorite names already picked out that she will name her future children-boy/girl-what are they?
NO! Haha! No, I don't think about that stuff. Duh, girls always have that 'fantasy future' in their head but no I don't think about it that much I've taught myself to live right now, and when it comes it comes, right now I'm a 17 year old who's not married, not having kids, and whatever happens later in life, happens.

How was it like meeting Lady GaGa? Did you scream?
I did inside, I tried to keep my cool, it was really hard cause she's SO amazing, but I was pretty chill.

Does your heart condition bother you a lot?
It doesn't really affect me too much, I just have to make sure to monitor it, I have to make sure I'm staying hydrated, and that I'm not overworking myself or my heart too much. It's a struggle sometimes, but I'm okay, I'm living my life, it hasn't slowed me down and it won't. I'm really very blessed, and I'll be fine.

What offends you?
What offends me.. I hate it when people disrespect me, for whatever reason, being Disney or age or whatever, that's really annoying. It also really annoys me when people take me for granted, like any other person. I get offended, I'm normal, I have feelings. There are multiple reasons.

Among friends/workers/etc., do you worry about people giving out your business?
I trust everyone around me, I love everyone that I'm working with. It's happened before, but it's like.. whatever, it's something you learn from and move on. I know I'm a good person and if people take advantage of that, that's not my fault, they'll get what's coming to them I guess? Haha.

When you're afraid to do something, but do it anyway, what is usually the thing that gets you to do it?
I start thinking about regretting it later, I think everyone has those situations and it's like you can't really do much. I just try and remember that I only have one life, and I don't wanna ever look back and be like, 'I wish I would've done that.'

What is your best advice on becoming friends with an ex?
Just try and remember that there is something beyond kissing and hugging. My first love is now my best friend, and it's so awesome we love it and we're so close and we tell each other everything. We had a bad patch, but it was just something that we realized, we have so much we have to go through and we should go through it together before just watching each other make a fool of ourselves. I don't really know what advice you can give on that, just to try and remember that there is something beyond that, and that the support can still be there.

Since he was asked of you, what quality do you admire most about NJ?
I don't know if there's one thing I admire most, I think that his passion is such a huge thing that leads him to everything he's done. If he didn't have passion he wouldn't be doing anything now, or to the extent of it. He's a real rocker, I mean he's fine with living in a bus for close to a year at a time, because he loves music SO much, and he loves sharing it, and he loves his fans SO much and that in itself is so admirable. He's also such an understanding person, he's literally there for me through basically anything, he's tried to understand me and always tries to help as much as he can and he's just such a driven, such a passionate person. I don't think there's anything that you can't admire.

Is Miley a college football fan or does she like any sports. Is she an LSU fan or an sec football fan?
I'm not a big sports fan.

I met Miley at the sound check party in Tampa and she smelt really good, what perfume was she wearing??
I have no idea? Haha, I have like a cabinet of perfumes and stuff, but I don't normally wear like, any of that stuff. I'm not really girly in that way, I just smell that way I guess, if I smell different it's probably from something backstage or something.

What's your reaction about Timbaland says that your the female version of Justin Timberlake??
You know working with Timbaland was amazing and no matter what is said or whatever it was such an amazing experience and we LOVED it, and I love Timbaland, and it's such an honor.

What are you doing for New Years Eve? Are you still going to be in London? Any New Years resolutions?
I think I'm gonna be in London, and I dunno yet, we'll have to see.

Has Miley been to see her wax model at Madame Tussauds in London? That must be so weird! Haha.
ah no I haven't, I should go do that though! Lol!

Will you go to prom with me?!
Sure, let's go

What she is going to do after her tour?

What is the best thing about having a car and driving?
Having a car and driving, haha!

What's your favorite meal of the day?
All the snacks.. lol! I don't really sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so just snacking.

What do you like doing more: the live chats or the Q&As?
Umm.. Q&A's I can sit and focus, and I don't have to worry about like, the stupid 'withholds' of the internet that can come in and stuff, BUT at the same time live chats are like, completely communicating with everyone directly and that's so important to me, in a lot of ways I base my decisions from those live chats because I see how my fans react without it being on a scale of people of like 15,000 I can talk to my fans, and get rumors out of the way and stuff. SO I like them both in different ways, I can't really like either better because they're basically two completely different things.

How did Miley hurt her ankle?
I've just been over-working it, I was on it so much, I was dancing so much and so extremely that I got tendonitis, which is just where it gets swollen.

How was performing for the Queen? were u nervous or was it just like any other concert?
It was definitely REALLY nerve wracking because... well, it's the queen!! and I did Party of the USA, and she told me I looked pretty, and it was just like.. an all together amazing experience I was so, so happy, and so blessed for the whole thing.

<33 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miley Q&A ! [Random] (:

Here is a Q&A for y'all ! There won't be another for a while ! Thanks to those who participated and submitted their questions! Hope yours was answered !

What is the one thing you want this year for your birthday? Or maybe you already got it?
I want a jeep wrangler 93.. but I honestly don't think it'll happen if it does it'll probably be like.. when I'm back home and settled and stuff cause getting a car on tour would be a little difficult. But I'm just really excited, and I want my sisters to be with me, and my dad and my whole family. I think I'm gonna be near Tybee and that's super amazing too.

Why didn’t you mention your bro when said the people you missed? got something against brothers? haha
Lol! My brothers are with me! Trace is touring with me and Brazz just recently landed a gig playing guitar in "Hovering" with us, so they're both with me already. Braison takes few day trips back and forth but he's with me right now.

Why did you choose to end Hannah Montana next year?
I don't choose, it was suppose to "end" after Season 3, but Disney picked up another Season. If I could I'd do Hannah forever cause it's a huge part of me. But the storyline doesn't involve a 20 year old with a wig on to be a pop star that'd be really creepy. So we did it as long as we could, but I in NO WAY tried to "throw Hannah away" or get rid of it too soon, I've held on as long as I can and Disney decides when it ends. I hate that it's ending way more than any fan, I guarantee.

Is it a coincidence that most of your friends are older than you or do you tend to drift towards them more than others?
I tend to drift cause like.. a lot of girls my age and kids my age aren't really mature. And I'm not saying I'm way mature either, but I don't wanna go out and do stuff that kids my age are doing. With the way I work I tend to lean more toward people in their early 20s or their late teens. We just get along way better. Girls don't like me usually, especially ones that are my age. Because I'm too tomboyish or something I don't really know what it is. It was just recently that I really started bonding with like.. Demi Lovato and other kids my age. Cause they're growing up too, and I finally kinda realized that instead of knowing we both have the same problems and not wanting to relate, that relating and helping each other is really amazing.

Have you seen “This Is It” yet or do you want to?
I saw This Is It, it's REALLY good, and it actually really shows how hands on he is in his tours and stuff and that's how I work and it was really, really good seeing that movie, that movie was absolutely amazing, I loved it.

If you could switch places with someone, anyone, for a day who would it be?
Maybe Marilyn Monroe or something. A lot of the people I admire are dead... so I'd like to go back and live a day in her shoes, or something like that cause she was like one of the most inspirational people, and she was so normal and stuff so probably Marilyn Monroe.

Even though you're not a twilight fanatic, are u still gonna go see new moon?
I don't think so. I am honestly not into that whole thing, like at first I was kinda excited for the first movie cause my friend Emily was like REALLY into it, and Demi so I was like 'Oh sweet, it'll be a good vampire movie!' and I totally get the whole hot vampire thing. I'd have a thing for them too, but like.. 'Oh I can't go out in the sunlight cause I sparkle'? Where's the danger in
that? that's not hot, that makes me wanna go grab my beanie babies or something. The whole thing is just really weird to me. NO OFFENSE to any fans or anything, don't hang me, I'm just not into it. If I do, I'll be going because one of my friends will beg me to or I'll wanna get out and go do something. But I'd be texting the whole time. I'm not into any of that Twilight stuff

Are there any new, big changes to the new season of HM that you're aware of?"
I don't know, you'll have to see!!

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
I'd wish that I could have privacy, like no paparazzi, no snoopers, no gossip sites. I'd wish that people could see WHY I do this cause so many people say 'Miley does it for attention' 'Miley only did that song so she could dance weird' 'Miley isn't a role model' and it's like, if you KNEW why I was up here doing this every single night, working my butt off then I would be a dang good role model, I do it cause I love it. And I do it cause it's my dream, it's my passion, I do it for me and to make me happy. Music is my peace and it's so dumb that people can't see that. And my third wish would be... I don't really know, I'll save my third wish!

What is the WORST rumor ever spread about you?
Ummm... Any rumor is bad. Any of them, cause they're lies. The worst rumor... I had a rumor go around for like 8 straight months a long time ago that I was pregnant. 8 months later, I'm still getting asked, I was like 'do I LOOK pregnant? Seriously, if I do TELL ME' it was awful. That was horrible, anddd.. there's been a lot of really, really horrible rumors that go around. They all hurt just the same, cause they're all lies.

What makes this new album different from your past albums? Are you writing most of the songs or are you picking some?
I'm writing like all of them. And it's my kind of music, it's rock and it's really hardcore and it's fun, and it's just really awesome. I'm so excited to be working on it. The guy I'm working with literally works with like.. Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, AMAZING artists. And it's not like he's "worked" with them, he'll be with Bon Jovi Monday, and come see me Tuesday. It's amazing, I'm really excited.

What do you think you would you be doing if you didn't get your singing dream?
I'd be in high school, haha. I wasn't gonna give up, even after Hannah or anything, I'd probably still be working on trying to live my dream.

Do u make time to go to church while on tour? and what specific area of Christianity are you? catholic, Presbyterian, etc.
I'm a Christian that's what matters. and I wish I did, we haven't gone to church or anything but I can't wait to get home and get back to my church.

If Miley went to university, what would she major in? What courses interest her?
I don't know right now, I'm really interested in like.. wedding planning right now and stuff, but I love art. I love painting, I love photography, I love all of that. I think I'd probably go to an acting school or something though too. I don't really know!

Do songs come to you while do something else, watching TV or something you have to sit down and concentrate on?
There are all kinds of things, I'm a huge songwriter, and so it's like.. I could be walking, or watching TV, or talking to someone and it'll just come to my head and I have to get it down on paper. That's how my best songs come to me, but I have made attempts to sit down and just write concentrating.

If you could live one day over again what day would that be?
Hmmm.. it'd be Tybee. It'd be specific days in Tybee that happened to me that were like dreams, like just absolutely amazing. I'd definitely want to relive those. - RUMORED! Cover of the Soundtrack of "The Last Song"--- Can you ask Miley if its real?

Have you always had insomnia?
Not always, I've had it really bad the past couple years though.

What kind of music will be on the next album?
Rock, and probably some soulful songs too. It'll be all me.

How do u determine your real friends from those who seem like they just like the fame?
It's never easy doubting friendships, doubting things like that. But I think it's just that you don't really let people completely in unless they touch your heart. If you have that special feeling with someone, if it's just really powerful than those are the people. YOU have to be a super good judge of character.

Will you be touring again next year do you think or when do you think?
I don't know when I'll be touring again! which is why this tour was a huge thing, I don't know if I'll tour again at all! Or when that will be, so it's scary. I'm trying to cram all of my experiences right now on this tour.

Do u know any words or songs or anything in Spanish?
Lol! I don't think so!! that'd be really fun to learn though! I've recently been hanging out SO MUCH with my friend Denika and she listens to some really awesome bands but some are actually Japanese, and I've already learned like 3 songs in Japanese so that's really cool.

There is a rumor you stole Demi from Selena?
HAHA! That's really stupid, those rumors are dumb... I can't physically STEAL someone from someone, that's impossible, and I can't be like "Hey, I'll be your friend if your NOT her friend!" i don't do that, that happened to me as a kid so much. I got picked on all the time, and all the cool kids would go to my friends and tell them they'd be their friends if they stopped being my friend. I had a couple close friends but I was like almost always alone, when the teachers would ask where they wanted their assigned seats in the cafeteria would be I literally ended up at a table by myself for a full year cause no one wanted to sit with me. So, I'd never do that. I don't do that, and I love Selena, Selena's a sweetheart. Just cause we don't hang out doesn't mean we're "enemies". We're not the same person, so we don't have a lot in common but it's not cause of a boy, or a friend, or ANY of those dumb rumors! If anything boys and friends have brought us closer than we ever were. Me and Demi are best friends, but Demi and Selena are STILL best friends. Everyone's growing, everyone's learning new things and meeting new people. No one is trying to eliminate any friendships. We're all close, I just need good friends too. And Demi is a really great friend to me, she's growing up. They're not the same people they were when they were 5 or whenever they met. Again, they're still best friends, me and Demi are best friends and Selena and I are friends. IT's all cool, and that's a really stupid rumor.

Do u ever go on or They’re hilarious you should check ‘em out!
Nah I've never been on them. I used to see FML's but I stopped cause I was like 'Dude, none of this stuff is the end of the world. It's funny, but why are we laughing or bonding over bad things?' and I stopped. I'd rather read good things. They need to have a site like where people put good things that happened to them cause I'd read that stuff. And it'd be really positive too.

what kind of movie will be the one you are filming next summer?
You know right now I have so much going on. I'm recording, I'm touring I'm getting ready for Hannah, I'm holding a lot on my plate right now. IF things actually work out the way they are suppose to and I DO film next year, I won't be able to release anything! But right now, if things go the way they're suppose to, it's definitely not gonna be like The Last Song. That's a movie about death, romance and stuff too but mainly death. That takes up a whole huge part of the movie, and the movie next year (IF things happen) it'll be much happier, much more light hearted and a lot less serious. It'll be more fantasy than reality.

What were you laughing about while you were singing "Obsessed" at Nassau Coliseum last night?!
Haha, well me and my dancers, my back up singers and all that stuff have really cool inside jokes. Like we'll think of a specific dance move, and we have to try and spot how many people are doing it in a crowd of like 15,000. And that's really cool, we always do stuff like that and while I was singing a friend of mine was pointing really funny things out that we'd laughed about like ALL day, and it was actually really stupid but at the time it was just super funny, and she did it right at the time that was the funniest and it was amazing.

Who was your special visitor?
Special visitor? What special visitor?

When did u record the new song "we belong to music" with Timbaland? Did he contact you? It’s so good!
I recorded that a few months ago, it was really cool and such an inspiration! He's worked with some amazing artists and wanting to work with me was an absolute honor.

How do u feel knowing most all JB's songs are about you? How NJ wears his heart on his sleeve in lyrics but is guarded in public?
That makes no sense... "Most all" of the Jonas Brother songs are NOT about me, for one. And the ones that are, me and Nick are best friends. and I don't pay attention to their public stuff, or their stage stuff. I know who they are, they're my brothers and they're amazing people and my best friends as they are. As Nick, Joe and Kevin. Not as "the Jonas Brothers" or any of that stuff. But his songs are from his heart, every song about a girl is not about the same girl. For songs that were written about me I was way honored, and stuff like that. But we're best friends. Not all their songs are about me at all.

There's a rumor that you and Nick will perform “BTS” again sometime?
There's always a possibility artists will perform their songs. We had an amazing time performing it the first time, and I'm sure at some point we will again, but not anytime soon.

What’s your favorite female present day singer?
Probably Demi! I don't listen to pop music, which is where a lot of the female artists are! But I know that Demi's songs come from her heart, and they're always so meaningful and her voice is insanely outstanding. I also love like.. Sheryl Crow, I love that kinda stuff. I listen to sleepy music, or metal. I'm a metal head or I'm listening to like.. John Lennon and the Beatles and stuff like that, so I don't really know.

There's a rumor that you and Liam are only dating for publicity?
Liam's like a best friend to me before anything. And that's what I'm saying about that, I don't do that whole "dating for publicity" crap. I don't know anyone that ever has. And quite frankly, I don't know how! So that'd kinda suck cause if I was then I'd be failing completely. My life is my life, my relationships are my relationships. He's my best friend before anything and one of the most pure hearted, loving people I've ever met. And I don't think he could ever handle, like myself, lying like that. Which is why we keep things to ourselves, the world doesn't need to know what's going on with teenagers. I'm constantly getting told how to do things, what was wrong with what I did, what I should do better, it's amazing having a person in my life to just tell me that I did good on something. No strings attached. Just that I did good, to be told that I'm doing good in things, to be told I look beautiful one day. That's something that people need, and I haven't gotten in a really long time. Just someone to be simple and tell me that I'm not a complete failure, that I have to be on top ALL the time. And that's amazing to have someone like that in my life after so long. I've never met a guy like Liam before. And I hate that people judge him because he's close to me. He's seriously the most amazing guy, and people talk crap or whatever just cause there's rumors. I hate it because I've literally been told by a "fan", to my face that I was with a guy, we broke up, I was with another guy, we broke up, and the truth is that I'm 16. No matter what fame or whatever, I'm 16 and I'm not gonna lay around and let my life waste away because a guy wasn't worth it. I had my heartbreak that I laid around in bed all day and cried, and wore all black, and changed myself and from that experience I learned that I was literally so young and had so much ahead of me. And I went to guys that weren't worth the dirt they stepped on, really horrible guys and that's what heart broken girls have done. I changed myself, and after that, once I met someone new and started being happy again I realized that I'm a kid before anything. I'm not getting married, I'm not preparing to be with someone for the rest of my life right now. And that if I lay around in bed moping about a guy I could miss something so much greater. And I didn't do that, I've been heart broken before, but I could never give someone that pain. Out of the two times I've had my heart shattered though I only let it beat me once. And this time I got up, and instead of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself and secluding myself, I did better things. I got up, I went and I continued on my dream, I had the best summer of my life and met one of the greatest guys that I've ever met and I'm happy now. And those are just things that you have to learn in order to keep going. And Liam helped me learn those things. He's honestly the best thing that could happen to me right now, he's the best friend anyone could ask for, and he isn't afraid to be himself to anyone. And above all he makes sure I know that I'm doing okay, no matter what managers or anyone tells me that I'm doing horrible just because I got in a costume for a show like 4 seconds late. He tells me he's proud of me, and he has such a huge affect on me and he tells me I'm beautiful even if I look like crap, and it's those things that I've learned I should never settle without. I'm completely gushing now, but anyway, I'd never do anything like that for publicity. I'm 16 and I'm not going to waste my life pretending to date someone for a job. I don't do that, and I won't waste my life for gossip sites to get more hits, or for a movie to be more famous. It either hits or it bombs, either way I had the time of my life making it, I had the best summer of my life, I met the greatest people I'll ever meet and I found something beautiful in that new experience, that new place. And I learned that no matter where you go there will always be something beautiful in that. AND in that experience I not only found a beautiful passion, a beautiful summer, but I found a beautiful person too.

What would you do if a girl your age said her life would be complete if she ever met you and was your friend?!
I'd say that she'd need some more life aspirations. I love my fans, and stuff like that makes my day. Absolutely makes my entire day, and it's amazing that I've had that impact, that's what I work for. That's what I do this for. But at the same time you can't say that your LIFE will be complete being friends with one person. Or meeting someone. that's not completing your life. It's a cool moment in your life but it'd never "make your life". It's really sweet though

Do u ever watch Youtube videos fans make? Have u seen the party in the usa one those gay guys do on the beach?!!
Yeah I've seen all that stuff, that's a killer video! Ha. I don't go searching "miley fan videos" or anything, I'm not vain, but I definitely check out what's there and stuff, like if it gets sent to me or something.

How many hours a day do u have to do school? What's your favorite and least favorite subject?
Actually I really need to get back on it cause the last couple weeks I have not done ANYTHING, and I really need to. My favorite... is probably health, ha! My least favorite.. probably science or something.

What’s the one biggest thing you wish you could go to high school to do?
Probably like.. just hanging out all day. I'd love to experience that, going and hanging out with your friends all day. Again, when I was a kid I wasn't liked in school so I disliked school so much. Like Demi, she got really bullied in school but she got pulled out. I didn't have that option, I had to wait it out. And I'm not saying she's any less strong, I'm not saying she quit, or anything like that. Bullying is serious. And it's horrible, and it's the worst thing ever. So I wish I could go to high school, NOT as a like a "singer" or anything but actually have friends, and actually have people that liked me. I wouldn't want t be the popular girl, at all cause they're always (usually) really loose, and really stuck up and rich or whatever and that's dumb. that's how it was in my school anyway! I'd probably be the band geek, or the kid in choir, or the one playing guitar during breaks or whatever. But just go and be admired for who you are, and doing things in school and working together and stuff like that. But schools, honestly, I don't find them all that appealing. It's not that I'd want everyone to drop out or anything like that, and it's not even because of my bad experiences, but because if you go in a high school there's like... 3 kids paying attention. The rest are finding ways to fake it or something, school is all about social for them, and normally like every school is filled with drugs, or sex, and stuff like that. And I'm still around that now but that's stupid to send a kid to a building where they're getting picked on, or they're getting peer pressure, or they're getting tempted, or they're skipping class like 99% of the time and the other 1% they're learning something. That's just me, I don't go to school so I don't know, but that's just how it seems to me. And also like, I've gone to schools to visit kids and seen teachers! Like, TEACHERS being complete jerks! And I don't think you should do ANY job unless you have a passion for it. Those people that have a passion for teaching kids, and for being a role model to kids educationally are AMAZING but if your NOT one, DON'T get a job doing it? It was horrible seeing those really mean teachers, the teachers that ever reached out to me were those that challenged you to be different, and artistic, and fun. Not silent, and the same as everyone else, and you couldn't voice your opinion and stuff like that. I just don't approve of "today’s" schools at all.

"do u still keep in touch with Leslie?"
Leslie is a huge part of my life, I just saw her a few months ago! I definitely keep in touch with her.

Will you ever bring your blog back that you were doing? It was great. I loved it!
I loved doing it, it was super personal though and it ended up, well like.. I saw it on one blog site. But it ended up actually being on four. And fake myspaces and fake facebooks or whatever were stealing them, fake BLOGSPOTS were stealing them and it was just getting really stupid. Plus I've recently come to the decision that I want my life private. Hence my deleting twitter and everything, and those blogs were just more invitation for people to know everything about me. Right now I'm trying to keep my private life as my LIFE, and my public life is just for the gossip sites or whatever they wanna do. But my private life is my life, and that's where I live it. I don't want it all over the internet no matter if 5 or 5,000 people see it.

Do you ever feel awkward doing photo shoots? I cant wait for the seventeen December issue btw!! you looked gorgeous!
Thank you so much, and it CAN be awkward, it definitely was when I was first starting. But now, it's more of like.. okay, I wanna go in here and I want my pictures to show WHO I am. I don't want my pictures to just be another girl smiling and waving her arms, that'd be dumb. So I go in and be myself, and I joke, and I dance and I talk to the people and I make sure that everything is super genuine. And I make sure that people can kinda see who I am through my pictures, they can see my personality and that's really important to me.

Are u into the gossip girl/ 90210 type shows? Do u like glee?
I don't watch glee. I heard it's really good, I saw like.. the first episode but then I stopped! And I don't watch gossip girl either.

What’s the cutest thing "someone special *cough cough*" says to you?!
Everything that "they" say is really important to me, it's hard to explain.. it's like every time they say something it literally means the world to you. And I think the most important are the words of encouragement when everyone else is tearing me down. Like I had a day a few days ago that literally everyone in my staff, everyone was like yelling at me for something. And I was so stressed out and every time the staff would say something mean, he'd tell me the opposite. That I was doing great, that I was strong, that I was doing everything okay, and that was really important to me cause I don't have people like that in my life that literally catch me at every fall, that stop every insult. And at one point my stage manager told me that he wasn't gonna do any show because I wasn't agreeing to act a certain way on stage, cause it's like.. I'm gonna be myself on stage, that's who I am. They need to see ME, and I don't let anyone change me. And the guy was like cussing me out and "that person" like, literally stood in front of me and just tore into that guy. And I haven't heard another smart remark since. Someone that is literally THAT caring, and cares so much about you is just so important. I'm sure everyone seeing me is like "Oh she doesn't need that she gets complimented all the time" or "that's normal to be praised" but it's not really. The people that "praise" me, get paid for it. AND that's not rocket science, I know they do. And that can really hurt someone. Especially a 16 year old girl, so to have someone literally there for you at all times that isn’t' getting paid that doesn't do it for publicity, that doesn't do it to help his career, that doesn't do it for anything like that seriously.. like no one will EVER know how much that means to me to just have someone look at me when I just wake up and be like "I've never seen you look so beautiful." and not be in make up, and not be in flashy clothes and stuff. No one will ever know how much that means to me.

Seriously, how annoyed are you with the no twitter and jay-z song questions?!
HA! AMAZING question, awesome, awesome, awesome. Those are like, the most famous questions right now I guess. The Jay-Z thing is kinda understandable cause it's like "She's singing about something she's NEVER done." but the twitter thing.. it's like come on, it's OVER, it's so played out. I'm gone from twitter, get over it. And actually the Jay-Z thing I was in the car from the airport the other day and my friend was like talking to me and stuff and I was listening to this song and he was like, "Yo by the way, this is a Jay-Z" song, and it was like New York or something and it was actually a pretty good song. So I HAVE heard a Jay-Z song now.

If your house was on fire and you could only go in for one thing what would it be?
My purse, cause my purse has all my needs in it. I literally went through my purse tonight actually to switch it out (I got a killer purse in NYC.. killer.) and I was talking to Denika, cause we've spent like a week together, and I was like "I could live off of my purse," cause I literally have like.. my bible, my diary, an extra pair of underwear (yeah? Idk?), I had a water bottle that'd never been opened, I had my cell phone, a wall AND a car charger for that, my wallet, my cards, I had my schedules, I had like two posters in there, I had like.. a DS, I had all kinds of jewelry, I had socks, I had a pair of pantyhose, I had like EVERYTHING in that purse! I had a full box of graham crackers, my make up, a hair straightener. I was like WOW. OH! And I also had a bag of like 10 nail polishes, nail polish REMOVER, and cotton balls for removing the polish.. I have all my needs, lol!

Did you like Nicks Q&A?! He said some really nice things about you!
Yeah it was killer, I was really happy he did it.

Whats your current favorite Youtube video? (besides bon qui qui of course! hahah thats gotta be my favorite).
My favorite, omg, okay so me and Denika were up all night one night on youtube, and I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. Literally. I DON'T think I've ever laughed so hard. It was a random video, I'd never seen the show before but it was like.. this skit or whatever about a guy training these guys and he sent them off and his upper official guy was like "Where did they go?" and he was like "I'll tell you where they're not.. safe." and it was just literally the FUNNIEST video I have EVER seen! I tried favoriting it on mileymandy but it didn't work and I wanted to cry. But seriously, funniest video EVER! We were literally FREAKING out! I laughed, and fell off the bed from laughing so hard, and we still have inside jokes from that video that make me laugh SO hard, it wasn't even funny. So right now, that’s my favorite. We've watched it so many times the last couple nights. It was just really funny.

Are you a fan of the Jonas brothers music? --the music itself not the boys.
I don't listen to pop music. So I don't listen to them very often but I'm really a big fan of the heart they put into their songs. And that they write all of their songs and stuff like that, I'm a huge fan of the originality. They've always been amazing artists, they were 3 years ago and they still are today. I'm really excited about Nick's new thing, cause that's definitely more my style and it's the style he's always listened to, and I'm sure he's like really excited to be getting that out there.

If you could go on vacation anywhere right now where would it be?

Does Miley ever listen to Stevie Nicks who she kind of sounds like?
I don't listen to anything like that normally, but now that you said that I'll be searching her all night! Ha!

What do u think of Niley and its die hard supporters? With so many ppl rooting for u and NJ, does that get intimidating?
No? we're best friends, that's it. And we don't care what people think about it, dislike it or want it back, we know that right now we're best friends. And whatever happens in the future, happens, but right now we're both really happy where we are. I know what I want, and who I want. I honestly don't care about that stuff. If their a fan, cool, if they're only gonna be a fan if I'm with a guy, then they can go. I don't care if their fans of the relationship, the point is that it didn't work and WE'RE happy where we are.

Do u remember girls from your Oakland sound check who wore the its like a tank top shirts & were the only ones singing?!!!!
I think I do! Lol! I have a lot happen every single day, so I don't really remember a whole lot honestly, I have really bad memory. But that does ring a bell cause I remember I was laughing at SOME "Its like a tank top" shirt at some point.

What’s the craziest concert moment so far on this tour?
Just the inside jokes probably. Or the stunts, I have a motorcycle, and an ice cube, I have my flying moments and stuff. There's nothing 'crazy' that's really happened or anything yet. I'm just waiting on myself to fall though. I'm so happy I don't have to wear like.. heels or anything that some artists do, I love my boots, that's what I wanna keep on my feet. And I have like one other shoe change but their grips are super tight. And that's cool, I thought I'd be falling all over by now.

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson?
I'm a huge fan of Michael Jackson, literally he's like one of the biggest inspirations to ever walk the earth.

What did it feel like to wake up 1 day and read that you had died?! That musta been scary!
It was stupid, I didn't actually think I died? Haha. I know my fans were freaking out and everything though. I honestly didn't hear about that rumor until I was at a premier, I was at my Bolt premier, and this guy was like "Hey, there's a rumor you were dead" and I was like "What?" and I was like "Well I'm not" it was just weird, cause it's like.. okay, if someone really wants me to DIE, why do they even pay attention to me? I'll never understand that! I had two huge "die" rumors and that was just completely retarded. I wasn't worked up, I was chill and just laughed about it cause it's honestly the most pathetic attempt at attention ever.

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