Monday, June 28, 2010

Can't Be Tamed !

The other day Miley and i had a live chat to discuss her new record " Can't Be Tamed " which just released a week ago ! It's gotten such amazing positive feedback it's incredible . It was at the top in sales on iTunes it's first day . I've had people say that they can relate to most of the songs on the album such as " Stay " and " Liberty Walk " . And i think Miley is just sooo incredibly thankful to you guys for accepting this album like you have cause it means soo much to her cause this album is raw and real and like she's said , it's like her diary . I personally love the tracks on this album and with knowing Miley on a deeper , personal level , i can honestly say that the lyrics you hear on this album is genuinely her . Her emotions , thoughts , feelings , are all there . Just raw . I know some people have been hating on Miley's recent performances and the outfits she performs in , etc . But just remember that Miley isn't getting any younger . She is growing up , she is maturing , she is evolving . Just because you may dislike or disapprove what she wears , does or says isn't going to make her change into what YOU or anyone else wants her to be or thinks is best for her . She will continue doing whatever she wants , cause she is in control of her life , and she is not your ROBOT . Can't stress that enough :)

So i took some of the comments about the album that were made during that chat and am posting it here so y'all can see the different and/or similar opinions some people had on the album as a whole , music video , as well as certain individual songs .

@PaigeMcBeth: I have to say Can't Be Tamed is one of the best music videos recently. Very original and unique! Something fresh!

Julia: i LOVE Stay and liberty walk!! well the whole album really but those 2 are my fave :D

@Casstro: I love the outfits. So innovative! The make up and hair was pretty amazing as well! It pulled together fabulous! Especially since Miley created it in her mind. How amazing is that?

@PaigeMcBeth: @Casstro Agreed!!! Everything about it is pure WIN! I loved it! The dancing in it was fabulous too!

@shelb92: i love this album! i think its my favourite one of your albums so far, my favourite song is 'robot' :)

@shelb92: i love the song robot! like love love haha its so catchy its always stuck in my head! lol

@AppleSkittles: um yes, stay, that is a very lovely song. Not just the words, but Miley's voice is clear and you can hear every tremor of emotion in her voice. She expresses the meaning of the song well and you don't even need to be able to relate to understand the love clearly entrenched in the lyrics.

@PaigeMcBeth: My favourite song is Can't Be Tamed hands down. One of the best new pop songs out there now! It's not just my favourite song on the album, but for this year, one of the best pop songs for sure! I like Robot too, and Who Owns my Heart!

About "Liberty Walk":

Julia: love it one of my favourites love the rapping!

@yoKarina: i love that song

@PaigeMcBeth: Yeah, I like it too! I love upbeat stuff

@Paigey215: my favorite!!!!!

@Ourladyanna: it was like her heart was made of music & we got to hear it

@paigey215: i love the fast pace part!

@Casstro: Inspiring

Julia: love the rapping in liberty walk my fave :D

@z0mbiezer0: To be honest, not one of my favorites. It's a great song though.

About "Who Owns My Heart":

@z0mbiezer0: Second favorite song on the album.

@paigey215: really "clubby"

@PaigeMcBeth: Yeah, I really like this song too!

Julia: love that one as well love the chorus!

Below are some questions Miley answered during the live chat , that some of ya'll may have missed.


@paigey215: is this feeling of having yet another album all over itunes and stores everywhere like the most surreal feeling ever or are becoming used to it by now?!

Miley: I don't think it's something you ever get used to. I've had a lot of records including Hannah so it's not like a brand new feeling but it's better to me cause it's not like the shock I focus more on the love and support. So it's a really awesome feeling and this is my most honest record, so I'm really stoked. I'm very happy.

@OurLadyAnna: saw your performance at house of blues--you were wonderful, stupendous, you perform the songs in perfect emotion and energy

Miley: I had really fitting emotions for yesterday so I'm really happy it showed in my work. Yesterday was very important to me and I'm happy out of all the craziness I had the show to really let loose and stuff, it was fun.

@Casstro: How do you push through, When you might not really want to perform? Emotions, or tired?

Miley: I'm not ever really too "tired" for a show, I think it's cause there are always so many people and in shows I put them first. And it's really loud music, and screams and it kinda wakes you up. But emotions I just put into the music. I normally close my eyes when I'm like performing through emotions cause rather it's anger or sadness or whatever i try to keep the emotion up front. It's normally pretty obvious wen I'm mad @ concerts. Hahaha

@paigey215: miley i laughed so hard when you thanked liam in your acceptance speech on sunday and the girls went CRAZYY omg u were like WOAHH

Miley: Ha me thanking him got more cheers than me actually getting the award. I was like "okay all of these girls are in love with him or something" I disliked them the rest of the show. Jk

@LalaBecky26: Miley, who's Permanent December about?

Miley: No Becky. Thank you SO much for your actual question, and permanent December is about a bunch of different things. It's kinda about past relationships and also some new it's just kinda random and like something I wanted to release.

Julia: miley whats liberty walk about? its my fave on your album :)

Miley: Liberty Walk is about leaving somethin or someones abuse. It's originally written for mental or emotional or physical abuse. Liberty Walk is one of my favorites for that reason too, I relate to it and it's a story of mine so I'm really happy for the feedback it's gotten back.

Julia: miley are u touring this year?! :D

Miley: Probably not

@shelb92: haha no one comes to australia :( or they do but just go to sydney not perth lol

Miley: Australia is my second favorite country! So hopefully I'll be there asap :)

@TheHeartOfMiley: Miley what was the first and last song you recorded for the album ?

Miley: I recordeddd.. Who owns my heart first and scars last.. I think

@paigey215: are there any songs youve written that you wish had been put on the album but couldnt/didn't?

Miley: That's the hardest part. Picking songs you wanna release, there are lots of songs I wrote that I didn't put on the album.


Miley: And remember how thankful I am everyone; yall buying Cant Be Tamed or just listening is so amazing to me. It's the best thing ever, it's my diary. It's my past and my present and so much of me. You all paying attention and relating means the world to me! You are all worth so much to me, I have the best fans in the world and I am so thankful for you. None of this would be possible without you. Your all awesome and I love you so much more than you could ever imagine! You are the BEST!!! I love u all so much! Xoxoxoxoxoxo! Your amazing! Don't pay attention to negativity! I ignore all the mean stuff. It's not worth it. You all know I love you, and this world is made of love. Love and forgive everyone, I love you all, God bless you guys. Thanks so much for letting me live my dream, you're the best fans in the world, I love you! God bless, have a great night! Xoxo

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  1. LOL! you included my incoherent words! well i guess they seemed incoherent at the time. but they seem okay now. haha i didn't even know what was going on half the time =/ but yay for another THOM blog post, & yay for CBT!!! we're all so proud of miley :)

  2. Aww I really liked reading this one ash! At this point I can't even imagine NOT supporting miley! Lol seriously though. I'm so so glad you guys understand how much we love you and hearing it back means a lot :) I hope you're having an awesome week!
    XO Paige

  3. I totally need to change my opinion on Liberty Walk, because it has become my second favorite. Lol

  4. i can't wait for CBT to come out where i'm from.I think you+miley are awesome!!

    ps-I love the new blog layout