Friday, February 26, 2010

Special Event ;)

WOW . So it's been forever and a DAY since i last blogged on here . It's been SUCH a busy past couple of months , for both myself and Miley , on two completely different levels . We haven't really had an official Q&A blog in a while too . Everything has been getting done on formspring . But i think imma cut back on the formspring and just go back to the usual Q&A interview like before :)

So , I was talking to Miley the other day about something pretty exciting . She had mentioned it before but , her and i had never really talked, talked about it fully , but then i discovered a way that it could finally be done , and i think it's time our truly devoted , loyal followers get rewarded for just being AMAZING and non stop supportive fans of Miley .

Ready for this ? Kays , so , next month , Miley has world premieres to attend for "The Last Song " Movie . Like literally all over . USA , Australia , maybe some other countries too . Miley and i have decided , that within the week after her LAST movie premiere , we are gonna officially have a LIVE Video Chat !!! Yes , seriously , a Video Chat !

BUT , see , we are not doing this to " prove " ourselves or to cause any type of stir or any type of attention . We are doing this specifically for THOSE who have truly been there with us through thick and thin , the ones who have participated in most if not all THOM events , the ones who haven't given us headaches day in and day out . The ones who truly show their love towards Miley and support her no matter what and have never had a doubt in their mind about anything !

This Live chat after the premieres will be a quick process . Miley and i will hand pick those we think deserve to be in our first official video chat . Depending on how that goes will determine any other future live video chats with Miley and I .

We want you guys stoked , excited , and totally looking forward to this upcoming THOM event which I'm sure will bring true smiles to those selected . I'm talking about a matter of only a few weeks !! Miley and i have to completely figure this out to a tee to make sure it is absolutely successful but I'm pretty sure it will be !

I'm pretty excited myself . To be able to finally see all your beautiful faces & interact on an even more personal level . We have nothing to hide . Get pumped , get hyper , don't worry ... be happy . LOL . Throughout the next couple of weeks either Miley or I will be tweeting about how this whole live chat is coming about and later on we'll set an official date and time etc . I hope you guys are truly excited and i can't wait to give you guys more info as time goes on ;)

Love you ALL . Thanks for being so supportive .

<3, Ashley


  1. OH MY GOSH YAY !!!
    I am so excited, like seriously !!!!
    You might remember me as taylorhxx on formspring and twitter, but anyways this is going to be so much fun and I can't wait !!

  2. SWEET. i'm way stoked. and as for the premieres...PLEASE make sure to say which theater you're coming to if you end up doing a salt lake city one...there are several megaplex theaters and they are all on different ends of town, so i wanna be sure i go to the right one! :)

  3. Wow, that's awesome news. Can't wait for the tweets.

    Glad that you're back, Ash. Hope all is well on your end.

  4. OMGGGG!!!
    this is sooo excitiiiing, seriously....i can't wait, i'm sure this whole thing will be great and it will be so much fun :).
    i just kinda wish this won't turn into a whole competition? cause that would be...ugly..since i think all of us would love to interact with you guys face to face and to see you...:)
    but anyways, thank you so much for the oportunity, you and Miley are trully great and i really really really support everything Miley does, no matter what those lame sites say, no matter if THOM didn't exist (tho im trully greatfull for it) i would still don't care what rumors say and still support her forever :)
    well, can't wait for the next updates in this whole thing...:)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. I'll keep waiting for you guys tweets and updates every single day! this is the best reward everrrr :) Miley fans will always be here for you, Miles. thanks to you for having time for us and let us know you more than just from your songs and magazines. THEHEARTOFMILEY rocks <3

    super cant wait for The Last Song!
    xoxo. Nabby

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I opened the link from twitter and couldn't even read it I was so excited just thinking what it could be. This is CRAZY (in a good way)!!!!! Ashley I just want to say Thank You for coming up with the idea of THOM. And Miley for taking time out to talk and interact with us fans, YOU GUYS ROCK!!

    XOXO, Katy

  7. That sounds so awesome. I was told about this by a friend and I JUST found you two on Twitter (@sjane18, and I don't think I'm even technically following you yet) but hopefully I can because I totally support both of you 100%! Thanks for creating this space to interact! It's so awesome and the video chat sounds great. :)

  8. Yayy! can't wait for the video chat...where will it broadcasted on? hope i am picked as one. i have been there for miley through thick and thin...She is the best and so stoked ab the last song coming out and super stoked its coming out on my bday...can't wait you guys...and miley is so awesome for taking her time to do this for her amazing fans. Just hope no haters show up to ruin it.. you guys rock and hope to hear from ya soon.
    Luv always
    Crystal lynn scott
    on twitter @CrystalLynn87

  9. Ahhh my last comment didnt post!! This is awesome news... like WOW. I cant wait for it and also cannot wait for the Aussie Premier of The Last Song

    Ash & Miley you both Rock in my eyes

    Al the best and cant wait to hear more


  10. That is so cool! such a great opportunity its personal and is really down to earth! thanks so much! love yous!

  11. CANT WAITTTTT!!! this is so exciting!!! I'm so down :)
    you are amazing... both of you!!
    xoxoxox forever, Paige (@paigey215)

    ps i totally agree with Katy, I was too excited it took me like 3 times to fully read what the words were saying!!

  12. Awesome! I just started following you on Twitter, though, so I haven't really been around before now. But maybe I can start interacting more now.

  13. Ohmygosh!! You are both so beautiful for even thinking of doing something like this for us!
    I, as well as alot of other THOM followers, are truly grateful.

    The Heart Of Miley definitely has a special place in my heart :)

    -Hayley (Hay138)