Saturday, May 22, 2010


K so i know i haven't been blogging much and i know i havent been tweeting much . But i log on and i notice that each day i have less and less followers . Like , im tired of giving my all and tryna keep up with you guys with everything Miley and tryna keep you guys updated and its like ... for what ? to keep losing people ? We've told yall to spread the word . Miley used to have close to 40,000 followers on her last @Mismile account before it was suspended . But its never gonna reach that again with 2-3 #FF .. and thats pushing it . If you dont spread the word , and we lose followers instead of gain them , how are we gonna be able to share with the world how amazing Miley is ? Don't be selfish ! I know you guys love the sometimes 1-1 bond Miley has with you guys but share your experience with others .

Dont just do #FF .. Do follow mondays and tuesdays and wednesdays ... everyday ! Not just for @Theheartofmiley but for Miley on @Mismile too !

Remember you can ask questions to me on and you can ask Miley questions on

i have myspace too. so please add it ! Spread the word . Im thinking of making a THOM Facebook too . We'll see ! Keep supporting . We love y'all !

<3 Always , Ashley


  1. Hey Ash. I don't understand why the number of followers would be dropping...but I'll do a #FS (Follow Sunday) and let people know again. I only have 64 followers but they are all real people, not bots, so that'll be 64 people who will know, at least.

  2. This is so rude. You tell us the reason Miley can't have her profile verified is because we can't let gossip sites etc know about it and then you're basically accusing people of not caring? It's bullsh*t. You don't even REPLY to people on twitter, how is that "keeping up" with us? Don't threaten us, it's unnecessary.

  3. Yeah nobody threatened anyhere here FYI . We've always told you guys to spread the word . Gossip sites have gotten to us but you know what , we stand by our grounds . I want Miley to have that 40,000 follower fan base she did a few months back . She deserves that support but hey , if you dont wanna be the one who gives that support , there are other people who will .

    Yeah i don't "reply" often or whatever it is your complaining about . But hmm i have not only twitter, but i have this blog, myspace, msn and now facebook for you guys. To somehow get away from twitter so much and find other methods of how to communicated with you guys . The world does not revolve around TWITTER . So before you go and start calling people rude , look outside the box .

  4. its not rude. wat u said was rude. if mileys twitter is verified its going to have like gossip sites on it not just ppl and then they r gna take every single thing she says n twist it n make big deal outta nothing n she wont tweet any more. Miley and Ashley are great ppl and are awesome for letting us be apart of there lives threw twitter. Ill always nd forever support anything miley and ashley do<3

  5. hmmm..maybe miley should change her actual twitter name to miley cyrus instead of the =) she has. then more people would follow her when they searched her name. & she could also put "follow the official miley fan twitter, @theheartofmiley too" in her bio or something. there are SO MANY loyal followers out there, and its really too bad they dont know about mismile! so yeah maybe that would be a good step along with the #FFs and all that. i really wanna help but also dont wanna bring any more haters cuz i know both of you have talked about negative comments and thats terrible. this post i'm commenting on can be seen different ways by different people i guess. thats ok, everyone has their own opinions. not everyones gonna agree all of the time.
    nevertheless, i love both of you and will do everything i can to spread the word about both accounts. what you have done is awesome and i hope you actually ENJOY it. i would hate for u to not.
    miley support forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! xo