Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Last Song Movie Premiere !!!

OMGOSH. Kays soo .. The Last Song came out YESTERDAY ! && I must say, it is SUCH an amazing movie ! & i'm not even just saying that cause my friend is in it or because this is a Miley support site BUT because it is GENUINELY an AMAZING movie with such a beautiful, powerful message & truly unique.

I wanted to see it more than once yesterday but unfortunately i only saw it once. I begged my co-worker to come with me cause i know she was dying to see it with too. Our theater was semi packed. But then again the movie was @ 10:10pm.

I was REALLY annoyed at first, cause as the movie was starting there were soo many people shouting such rude & negative comments about Miley. I seriously wanted to throw my Strawberry Icee at them >_> ... But as the movie progressed, i noticed people getting into it. People were cracking up at some parts. There were a lot of comments on Bobby, the kid who played Miley's brother. The crowd thought he was too adorable, and he was. I heard comments like "Ohh Miley has an attitude! You go girl!" and i laughed. DUH. She is playing a rebellious teenager! ha.

The crowd went WILD when Liam first kissed Miley. Like, seriously shouting & clapping like crazy. Someone even took a picture of the screen, flash & all (lol) so I thought that was cute so i had to capture the moment too ! All in all, soo many people cried, almost everyone laughed, and in the end, the ENTIRE auditorium stood up and clapped. No joke. I had never seen that at ANY movie I've ever gone to see. So that says ALOT.

I am just so incredibly happy for Miley's success and that her dreams are coming true one by one. She is too incredibly talented for it to go unacknowledged . I know there's alot more where that came from. I'm still in awe just thinking about the fact that Miley & i first met during the time she was filming "The Last Song" last year. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this journey with her & now you guys have that opportunity as well. You guys are ALL on this amazing journey with Miley and will continue to grow and transition with her as well.

If you haven't already seen the film, please do so ! Go with a crowd of people ! You won't regret it . I'll be seeing it again tomorrow ! :) I think it's time i read the book too . I have it, just haven't had time to read it . But i will now !

Down below i'm posting comments from people who have already seen the movie & their thoughts about it... Including some comments from my friends who also saw it! <33

" omg I wasn't to excited about ' the last song ' but WOW amazing beautiful ass movieee cried a lot & just appreciate people that love you when there alive not gone or almost gone use your life time wisely ! " - EV

" absolutely loved "The Last Song" :) Def teared up, very deep. Treasure every moment spent with the ones you love most ♥ " -PD

@redsmileys: @TheHeartofMiley saw The Last Song today! I just cried. Miley did an amazing job.It was such a good movie w/a great story..Just I Love it<3

@KikitaLinda: @TheHeartOfMiley reading the book changed my life but seeing it in the movie just added to it @mismile shined beautifully in the role

@McKenzieLynn: @TheHeartOfMiley The last song was the best movie I have seen in a long time. It made me and my b est friend cry good job Miley congrats ...

@JuicyPrincess92: @TheHeartOfMiley it was amazing! Miley was so good, her role seemed so natural for her! Her & Liam had awesome chemistry!

@Forever_xx: @TheHeartOfMiley The Last Song was insanely amazing. Miley was incredible as was Liam. They're chemistry really came through. I'm the kind of person that thinks most movies are good, but this one left me speechless. I have never cried from a movie, felt some pretty deep emotions but never cried. The Last Song left me in tears. Miley's acting really drew the audience in and I personally felt the same emotions as Ronnie at some points and could relate to what she was going through. Miley did an amazing job and I could not be more proud of her. She was truly beautiful throughout the movie. I will definitely be going to see it again!

Thanks for the continuing support guys ! You guys are TOO amazing !!

<3 always, Ashley


  1. WOW ash!! EVERYONE stood up and clapped??! I really hope the audience tonight will be like that! I saw it the first time on wednesday, but it was in the middle of the day and people were still in school and in work and stuff so there was only like 15 people. but anyways I cant wait to see it again tonight!! I will get so mad if i hear any negative comments. No joke, i'm gonna yell at them. maybe buy a slushie and throw it?? sounds good.

    ur amazing ash and a great friend to Miley. Make sure she knows how much SO MANY PEOPLE loved the movie if she's having negative thoughts!

    have an awesome day girl! <3

    xoxo, Paige aka @paigey215

  2. I went to see the movie on Friday because I was sick on Wednesday and my mom wouldn't let me go until Friday.

    I've been a fan of Miley since I was 12 and I love her so much.

    She did an AMAZING, PHENOMENAL, FLAWLESS job on this movie. Not that I've ever had a doubt she would.

    Liam completely blew me away, I knew he was good but he did absolutely amazing as Will. He fit the character so well.

    Greg, Bobby, Kelly, everyone else did AMAZING. And this book changed my life, so seeing it on film just made it even more of an emotional, life changing experience.

    At the end, people clapped and 'woo'd' Miley got a well deserved, standing ovation. I was bawling, literally, and I laughed too.

    I love this movie, I can't wait to see it again and then have it come out on DVD.