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Q&A 12/09/09 <3

Here is the FIRST part of this weeks Q&A session ... If your question(s) were not answered here, they will most likely be answered soon in the next Q&A !! Thanks to ALL who participated !

What is one thing you miss MOST about your childhood?
Probably the freedom, cause like not even with Hollywood when your a kid you don't know about what anything is so when you play, you don't think of that stuff. Your completely innocent and your completely free and happy, and I definitely miss being able to do something without second guessing it. I still try and do that, but no one can truly master that, especially like any kid can.

If u could say ANYTHING you wanted 2 the paparazzi/media without getting any repercussions for it, what would you say?
Just to leave me alone! Lol! I wouldn't say anything really because I don't want them to know anything, that's the point of the whole thing and it's kinda really hard when you can't even go outside without cameras in your face. Like everyone started a huge thing at me the other day cause I "smiled at the London paparazzi" it's like WHAT the heck, I can't smile? when there's people taking pictures of your every step, what are you suppose to do? I just try and make the most of it. I just really wish media would get a little bit of decency, and just realize that Im a teenage girl, and I deserve a private life too. Until that happens, I'm just gonna keep trying.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
Uhhh, haha. When we were in Nashville, I had my best friend with me and we were in one of the old pick ups at the farm, and I wanted to go mudding cause I grew up going mudding, and I can drive now without an adult, so it's like.. let's just do it. So we went and got in the old pick up (P.S. mudding, for those who don't know, is just driving really fast, spinning out, ect, in the mud.) and just drove around the farm at like 130 I think, I dunno how fast I eventually went but I was flooring it, and spinning out and all that stuff. It was really fun though.

What the heck is a corn nugget?
It's just a nugget that has corn in it! it's realy good, it's like a chicken nugget, but with corn inside.

If you could trade places with ONE person, be it a Celeb, or just a regular person, who would it be?
I think I've answered this question before actually, but I don't really know, I mean I'm happy with who I am and I enjoy my life, I think if I could switch with someone it'd probably be like Marilyn Monroe, or Lady Gaga, someone that's really different, but really inspirational.

When will you come to Vancouver? Or even Canada for that matter. Anytime in the near future?
Hopefully very soon, I know a lot of my friends go there so often and I've been trying to get there but I dunno when yet, hopefully very soon.

Why do u claim to despise pop music but yet make pop music. Do u see how that could be insulting to your fans?
No, I love music you can dance to. Performing and being a fan of is two completely different things. My songs come from my heart, and any song like that I'm a fan of whether it be blue grass or metal. Plus, I could never do a concert that I didn't move, and being young and being where I am pop is my outlet. Right now I'm working on my very last "pop" record actually, so I'm very excited about that, we're doing a few pop songs, covering a really awesome few songs, doing some rock, and toward the release date, we'll pick which ones officially go on the record, but right now it's sounding really good and we have dance tracks, and heart break tracks, and new love tracks, and soul tracks, and rock tracks, and country tracks, and it's all gonna be a really awesome blend but it's definitely gonna be more aimed toward being my last pop record. After this record I'm taking a break from music, I'm gonna step back and focus more on some other aspirations in my life, and I'm super excited about that too. It's gonna be a big deal.

What are three "Nevers" in your life? Ex. something you will never do or say.
There is one guy in my "past" that I will never ever see again, but I don't wanna take three "nevers" and be like 'oh cause that's SO not important so I'm gonna throw a guy in there!" but if the three your asking for are guy, action, and language, umm.. I never want to SAY that I know everything, or that I know all I need to know, I never wanna say I'm good enough. Like I think we can all go above and beyond and I never wanna settle, or be like "no, I'm good enough for this" because I'm not. I never wanna DO... umm.. drugs. Definitely drugs, everyone at some point in their life will come in contact with basically almost any, "experience"? I guess. But the one thing I would never ever try is drugs or anything like that. And I also never wanna go against my heart, I've learned, mainly this year that if you want something with your head, and you do it, but you want something else with your heart it's gonna bomb. And just to follow your heart and things like that, I never wanna go against my heart. And for the guy I'd never go back to.. umm.. probably the guy that lied to me, and that tore me into the ground. There are some heart breaks where you can find a friendship, and a best friendship FROM it, but uhh, my "guy" thing would probably just be the person that I didn't have any connection with after, and they like.. completely disgust me now, and it's just like - whatever, do your own thing, stalk me on gossip sites, but don't ever try and come back because I don't want you, and I'md oing better things. I had a guy, that tried to hold me back from something I really wanted to do, and he basically said "If you go, I won't be here when you come back." and I was like, well I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out cause I have to live my life.

Which members of your family are with you in England? will they all be joining you for Christmas?"
Hopefully we'll all be together for Christmas, right now my dads schedule is pretty messed up so we're trying to figure some stuff out. Right now in England we have me, my mom, my aunt, my uncle, uhh.. my little sister, my little brother is kinda in and out cause he has a girlfriend back home and he goes to see her and goes back for school stuff or whatever and he has his own little garage band back home, but my big brother is with me, and some stuff like that, it's really cool, it's always super comforting having your family around.

Since you're in England, what's the one thing you wish it had that the US does?
Ummm.. I don't really know, England has been really peaceful for me I've had a really awesome time, and I'm really excited to be here. I have all my needs. Haha.

Will there be new music for HM season 4?"
There will definitely be some new music, we're working on some stuff but right now I'm working on the album, I'm working on tour and I'm really like.. worked out, but they haven't even aired the whole Season 3 yet, so I'm not worried, hopefully things will kinda crash down at once, the record and tour, and then I'll be home and I can focus on Hannah like nonstop.

Even though your a professional singer, do you sometimes try to sing when no ones around so they cant hear you?
Being a singer, and having a passion for singing are two completely different things, on two completely different maps. When you have a passion for singing you want to sing all the time, you have a song in your heart all of the time that you just want to share. Now, I am a professional singer, I'm an entertainer at heart so I definitely do have those times that I wanna share it with millions of people, and I wanna rock out and do shows and stuff but at the same time I have basically a whole closet full of like 5,000 songs I've written just for me, that no one will ever hear that are just to help me. To help me get through things, get things out, to work through some stuff with myself, and that's passion, is when you can sing in front of millions of people and be so happy and so at peace, because music IS my peace, but also be in your room, by yourself, and sing a song that's on your heart and still feel so fulfilled and happy.

Besides performing and meeting new people, what kinds of things have you been doing in England?
I have been getting a LOT of coffee, doing a LOT of shopping, ha! Me and my friend Scott we're like nonstop, and Denika has been with us so much right now too cause she's not working on any other projects so it's kinda us three. It's so awesome having actual friends, like I mean my best friend is my mom, but it's awesome having friends you can trust that ISN'T your mom, and I can't really say that often, so it's so cool to be like 'yeah I go out with friends all the time!', so yeah, basically just hanging out. We've played a couple games of hotel hide and seek, we've played some pranks, we've gone dancing, we make little videos on my computer in the middle of the night it's just normal stuff. Being in England is so amazing though, we've definitely been doing some major sight seeing, and walked so much.

Can you ask Miley is she still friends with Taylor Swift?
You know, me and Taylor I think will always be really good friends, we've been friends since I was like 13, and I think she'll always be there, but there are always those people that like.. I dunno, not "judging" but it's more of like.. if you don't fit. When I was with Justin Gaston, I was really different from how I am now, and me and Taylor were best friends, they were my two best friends, and now that things have changed, I'm really kinda finding out who my friends are, and she is still a friend of mine but we're in two completely different groups. I don't care about "clicks" or anything, it's not like THAT, it's more of like.. we're just focusing on different things right now I know she's super focused on her career, and her business, and I'm more focused on transitioning, and being 17, and finding those people that will be with me through life, and having fun. so I'm more for personal teenage stuff, and she's more for career, so we're still friends we're just in two different directions right now.

Does Miley have a special Christmas gift she's wanting this yr or a special one she wants to give to someone?
I dunno if I want anything special, I recently got like this rhinestone phone cover? and I'm literally obsessed, and I told my mom I was happy for years because that thing would keep me entertained. That'll probably go away in like, a week, but whatever. Right now I'm content. Haha. And I can't say anything about that because some of my friends read this blog. Scott reads it, I know. Denika reads it, and I know a couple of my friends, and my other best friend read it so it’s like, yeah no. And I think my mom reads it too so it's like, I can't say anyhting or people will tell people what I got them and stuff like that. So we'll have to share after the holidays!

Dying to know if Miley has favorite names already picked out that she will name her future children-boy/girl-what are they?
NO! Haha! No, I don't think about that stuff. Duh, girls always have that 'fantasy future' in their head but no I don't think about it that much I've taught myself to live right now, and when it comes it comes, right now I'm a 17 year old who's not married, not having kids, and whatever happens later in life, happens.

How was it like meeting Lady GaGa? Did you scream?
I did inside, I tried to keep my cool, it was really hard cause she's SO amazing, but I was pretty chill.

Does your heart condition bother you a lot?
It doesn't really affect me too much, I just have to make sure to monitor it, I have to make sure I'm staying hydrated, and that I'm not overworking myself or my heart too much. It's a struggle sometimes, but I'm okay, I'm living my life, it hasn't slowed me down and it won't. I'm really very blessed, and I'll be fine.

What offends you?
What offends me.. I hate it when people disrespect me, for whatever reason, being Disney or age or whatever, that's really annoying. It also really annoys me when people take me for granted, like any other person. I get offended, I'm normal, I have feelings. There are multiple reasons.

Among friends/workers/etc., do you worry about people giving out your business?
I trust everyone around me, I love everyone that I'm working with. It's happened before, but it's like.. whatever, it's something you learn from and move on. I know I'm a good person and if people take advantage of that, that's not my fault, they'll get what's coming to them I guess? Haha.

When you're afraid to do something, but do it anyway, what is usually the thing that gets you to do it?
I start thinking about regretting it later, I think everyone has those situations and it's like you can't really do much. I just try and remember that I only have one life, and I don't wanna ever look back and be like, 'I wish I would've done that.'

What is your best advice on becoming friends with an ex?
Just try and remember that there is something beyond kissing and hugging. My first love is now my best friend, and it's so awesome we love it and we're so close and we tell each other everything. We had a bad patch, but it was just something that we realized, we have so much we have to go through and we should go through it together before just watching each other make a fool of ourselves. I don't really know what advice you can give on that, just to try and remember that there is something beyond that, and that the support can still be there.

Since he was asked of you, what quality do you admire most about NJ?
I don't know if there's one thing I admire most, I think that his passion is such a huge thing that leads him to everything he's done. If he didn't have passion he wouldn't be doing anything now, or to the extent of it. He's a real rocker, I mean he's fine with living in a bus for close to a year at a time, because he loves music SO much, and he loves sharing it, and he loves his fans SO much and that in itself is so admirable. He's also such an understanding person, he's literally there for me through basically anything, he's tried to understand me and always tries to help as much as he can and he's just such a driven, such a passionate person. I don't think there's anything that you can't admire.

Is Miley a college football fan or does she like any sports. Is she an LSU fan or an sec football fan?
I'm not a big sports fan.

I met Miley at the sound check party in Tampa and she smelt really good, what perfume was she wearing??
I have no idea? Haha, I have like a cabinet of perfumes and stuff, but I don't normally wear like, any of that stuff. I'm not really girly in that way, I just smell that way I guess, if I smell different it's probably from something backstage or something.

What's your reaction about Timbaland says that your the female version of Justin Timberlake??
You know working with Timbaland was amazing and no matter what is said or whatever it was such an amazing experience and we LOVED it, and I love Timbaland, and it's such an honor.

What are you doing for New Years Eve? Are you still going to be in London? Any New Years resolutions?
I think I'm gonna be in London, and I dunno yet, we'll have to see.

Has Miley been to see her wax model at Madame Tussauds in London? That must be so weird! Haha.
ah no I haven't, I should go do that though! Lol!

Will you go to prom with me?!
Sure, let's go

What she is going to do after her tour?

What is the best thing about having a car and driving?
Having a car and driving, haha!

What's your favorite meal of the day?
All the snacks.. lol! I don't really sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so just snacking.

What do you like doing more: the live chats or the Q&As?
Umm.. Q&A's I can sit and focus, and I don't have to worry about like, the stupid 'withholds' of the internet that can come in and stuff, BUT at the same time live chats are like, completely communicating with everyone directly and that's so important to me, in a lot of ways I base my decisions from those live chats because I see how my fans react without it being on a scale of people of like 15,000 I can talk to my fans, and get rumors out of the way and stuff. SO I like them both in different ways, I can't really like either better because they're basically two completely different things.

How did Miley hurt her ankle?
I've just been over-working it, I was on it so much, I was dancing so much and so extremely that I got tendonitis, which is just where it gets swollen.

How was performing for the Queen? were u nervous or was it just like any other concert?
It was definitely REALLY nerve wracking because... well, it's the queen!! and I did Party of the USA, and she told me I looked pretty, and it was just like.. an all together amazing experience I was so, so happy, and so blessed for the whole thing.

<33 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)

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