Monday, March 8, 2010

Soooo last night we had another live chat ; we talked about everything ; including last nights Oscar Awards which Miley attended and looked absolutely stunning in her gown . So during the live chat , Miley was talking about how amazingly happy she is and has been lately and it just made me smile cause Miley has come SUCH a LOOOONG way since her and i first met almost a year ago . Like , this girl has transitioned and matured in such ways that sometimes just leaves me speechless . She is headstrong and she actually knows what she wants ; unlike me (hehe) . & so Miley has served as such an inspiration for me lately , cause i myself have been going through hell's fury for a while now and she has been there for me ( not literally speaking , cause she is miles and miles away from me ) but she HAS been there for me , during the wee hours of the night , through the venting and the tears and the worries and the pain , and not just the negative stuff , she has been there with me through MY life transitions and my growing up in certain ways and through the laughter and they little , cherished moments of happiness i could grasp from time to time . She has been SUCH a loyal friend through all of the things that SHE has to go through on a daily basis , and her job and being here and there , etc .

There are some things we can't relate to about each other ... i don't know what living with paparazzi is like and she prolly doesn't know what it's like to do a job like mine , cause we are both doing two different things in life , but there ARE other things we can relate to , that are even deeper than that , and support each other in every which way possible . Last night in the chat ; Miley disappeared for a few minutes , but her reason for being absent for the time being was definitely a good one ... She was writing what i will now show you (for those who couldn't make the chat last night)and it left me absolutely speechless and touched and teary eyed and just everything . It was so amazing :

Miley: It's really hard when people want to tear even Ashley down not knowing her from Hollywood or anything, it's hard because people don't know Ashley from those things, and they haven't seen me with her in paparazzi and all of that other stuff so people automatically want ot make something of that, and that's really sad to me and that's really a shame because Ashley, you ARE such a beautiful person, and we HAVE gone such a long way, and we've both seen each other transition so much. I've "seen" her go from a really complicated and really hard times to now being so strong and doing things literally her way, and changing her entire life, and turning her entire life around within a couple months, and it's such a hard thing to watch and know that a friend is going through so much but I think through the rough times, that we've shared from my break up and into my current relationship and all of the struggles that I've had and the talks we've had about everything from paparazzi, to expectations of Hollywood, to dreams and what I wanna do with myself NOW, and the fears of Hannah ending, and all of that. And to her careers, and her medical concerns, and the really hard times that she's truly had, TRULY struggled more than almost anyone that I know, and coming out on the brighter side of that ON her own, with no help, and with so little and still had the moral value to appreciate everything, I think that we've really grown a lot from each other, and gotten to know each other SO much, and really matured together in a lot of things. And so it sucks when I see people hating on ASHLEY when she hasn't done anything, or when people are hating on me and she hates that too, it's just really sad that people are so full of negativity. I've never really been a negative person, I can't stand negativity all of the time, and I've been to that point myself but I've never intentionally sat around and hated on someone, and accused someone of things that are crazy impossible, and horrible things. So we really do owe Ashley SO much because I would not be on twitter at all, we wouldn't have the things going on now if Ashley hadn't stuck with so much that she has, and so really we owe Ashley EVERYTHING that THOM is, that THIS is, that really SO much and it sucks that people don't give her that, and the trust and the friendship and everything that she deserves. I met Ashley close to a year ago, and I don't think I've been really that close with someone through so much in a really long, if at all, so it's crazy and I' just so thankful and I hope that everyone else is too. I think that a big thing with me is that I get called fake a lot, and less NOW than I did before, but I have ben called fake a lot on twitter, and all kinds of things and it's hurtful. But it's really kinda normal for me now, like I said, I have about 2,300 followers on twitter right now and I haven't had one call me fake and I get a lot of replies and that's AWESOME that's how I want it, that's how I LOVE it, so it's amazing and I'm so happy but it's like people asking YOU to prove YOURSELF. Just because I'm where I am does not mean that I'm any less of a person, any less of a 17 year old girl so it really sucks that people don't care about that, and they cast that away because of where I am. The twitter I have now, mismile, is for my fans because I love my fans and the people that support me because that IS everything that makes me where I am. If I didn't have that support, I wouldn't be here. So I do that as a backup thing, I was really close to making my official back the other day and it didn't happen, a lot THANKS to Ashley because she showed me what I'd go through again, reminded me WHY I left, and it was a reality check for me. But it's like any other person on the street, these people tell you that they LOVE you, and that gives you such an AMAZING feeling and then they say, "but show your face!" and it's like.. okay, so you DON'T love me for ME, and MYSELF and WHAT I stand for, and WHO I am, it's WHAT I am. It's the FACE, it's the Hollywood, it's the face and the title that people care about. And that can CRUSH a person, that's CRUSHED me and I had to learn that being called fake is OKAY. and it's NOT. Not in any context of the word " fake" it's NOT okay and I shouldn't have to think that way at 17 years old, that's SO sad. It's like I'm not normal. I AM normal, and I intend on proving that. And I think that's WHY I stay away from " proof" crap, and all of that. Yes, I will have a video chat as Ashley's said before, but as for does it hurt that I have to? Yes it does. It's always gonna hurt. But I just find it so sad that I have to sit around and feel that way and I' not even an adult yet, and think it's okay that people care about me for a title and not for my heart, or that that is a POSSIBILITY of any friendship. And I also wanna thank Ashley for that because when I explained that to her she understood immediately and really responded to it and SHE had my back, she's had my back through EVERYTHING and I hate that I've brought "haters" on her, it's something I have to live with everyday, knowing my friends can talk to people and all of a sudden they're hated because they're close to me, and that's really sad too. So I am a burden in a lot of ways, and it's not something that will go away with "I love you more than what your title brings my life " it's more than that, it's more serious than that, but yeah. Anyway. I just felt inspired to write that! ha.

Isn't that absolutely amazing ? She couldn't have say any of that any better ! Please reflect on what she said and re-read it if necessary and just take it all in and i hope you guys all understand what she means and know that it all comes from TheHeartOfMiley .

<3 Always , Ashley .


  1. amazing! she's such a sweetheart!!! i can't understand how someone can hate her... it's something i just can't do. Anyway, you're so lucky to have a friend like, not because she is MILEY CYRUS, she's just an amazing friend! :) and you are amazing too, ashley ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing everything you do for us!!!! is awesome!! you dont how much this means to me!! THANK YOU!
    xo - Nia

  2. Wow. I was in the chat last night so I read it then, but reading it again gives me chills and a lot of happiness actually. you and miley BOTH are such extraordinary beautiful people I am so glad to talk to and know. I've said it a lot and so has miley, but honestly ashley you are amazing and a blessing for making thom cuz it has not only given us (the fans) an overwhelming sense of excitement and happiness, but miley feels that too and that's how it should be. She deserves to know how much we love her. It's not a praise Twitter. It's a place where the army comes together and is a family. even though I wish everyday that I could just meet her and be friends with her cuz truly feel like she'd love me as a friend back, its all good cuz I know the REAL her and thats more than I ever dreamed of. So I guess what I wanna say is that you deserve so much credit and thanks for showing us what the heart of miley is really about. I love you both so much its ridiculous and I hope god blesses you guys with amazing things forever and ever cuz u definitely deserve it! Ash, show miley this if u can and always know that through all those fucked up haters I'm here for both of you.
    Xoxo, paige (paigey215)

  3. “She deserves to know how much we love her. It's not a praise Twitter. It's a place where the army comes together and is a family.” I don’t think I could agree with this any more than I already do. Like, it’s just not possible. I haven’t been following THOM for very long, but in the time that I have, I’ve learned that Miley is so different than I expected. There are so many people who make her out to be way less than who she really is and that sucks, because they’re SO wrong. She is kind and mature, but she is only a 17 year old girl, and nobody deserves the things she goes through, especially at such a young age. I for one am EXTREMELY grateful for Ashley and all the effort she has put into THOM (I even went as far as to call her one of my heroes in a recent live chat :), because without her I wouldn’t get the chance to talk to you two regularly. I wouldn’t see that you two are incredible and so down-to-earth, and I don’t need a face to see that. It’s so obvious, and I don’t need my eyes to see that you two are extraordinary and beautiful and have two of the BIGGEST hearts I have EVER seen. And I hate that you two have to put up with so much hate and accusations. It drives me crazy, and I don’t understand how people can put so much time into wanting to tear you apart until there’s nothing left of you to give. All you do is give, give, give and I can assure you that it’s very much appreciated and that Ashley really does deserve so much more than a few words of thanks. She doesn’t deserve the hate that she gets (neither does Miley, of course). And I only wish I could find a better way to show that I’m standing behind both of you 100%, because I am. Neither of you need to do anything to “prove” yourselves, and I honestly don’t want you to, because I already support you unconditionally. And, you know… I’m a part of Miley’s Army now. We’re a family.

    Much love to both of you,
    SJ (@sjane18)

  4. very nicely said as well, SJ. wow!