Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miley's Last Q&A For A While :) Over 60+ Answered!

1. What’s her favorite song of hers right now? does it change a lot?
I change it a LOT, cause I mean you get bored with yourself pretty easily, and favorite songs get changed pretty frequently as it is, so yeah it definitely changes. Right now I'm really loving Kicking and Screaming. That's my moms favorite too, I wish this tour gave me an opportunity to play all my songs, instead of skipping things like Time of Our Lives, but it's cool. Kicking and Screaming right now, haha.

2. Can you please as Miley what her real Facebook is?
I DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK. Like at ALL, I don't know if there's an "official" one run by my managers but if there is one it'd be facebook.com/mileycyrus! But other than that I have NO Facebook and I am NEVER on that thing either, I don't even know the info on it so, yeah. NOOOOO Facebook. AT ALL.

3. Is Liam a good kisser?
Ha! Liam is a very good kisser, haha.

4. What does she thinks about www.mileysavefuzzy.com?
That's crazy, it's like.. one of those crazy cat ladies that always live down the street, with like a million cats, except it's weirder cause she doesn't live down the street and she doesn't have a million cats she eats her cats.. so.. haha! It's freaky, I'm sure the police will get involved. I love animals, absolutely LOVE animals so it's not like I just brush it off at all, but I can't give into threats either, it's dumb. It's seriously like.. the most idiotic attempt to ever make me do anything.. ever.. it's stupid.

5. How did you get such a perfectly centered kissing picture for your phone? you know who i'm talking about!
I honestly don't know who your talking about but like.. if I have a boyfriend he has to be cool with me taking pictures on my phone, and kisses are so cute so I just take a whole bunch of pictures and then I just screen save ‘em. I don't worry about them being in the center I just make sure he looks hot in it.. haha!

6. Did you already kiss a girl?
Well I've kissed my mom.

7. Do you like songwriting with others or doing it alone?
Either really, a huge amount of my songs that have been hits were co-written and that's an amazing talent and I love working with artists, and I definitely have my share of personal songs but working with a really inspiring artist is definitely a huge thing, it's a huge honor.

8. Were Miley and Demi ever actually fighting like the Paps said and if they were, was it really over fam or was it something else?
Me and Demi never fought, and stupid rumors are just rumors. Anytime you see something on a gossip site it's almost always 99% chance it's a LIE.

9. I saw your face (Hannah’s) on deodorant in Wal-Mart. How. weird. is. that?
It's definitely pretty creepy, haha. If people use it though, whatever. I'd rather them use that than stink.

10. Do you find it to hard to perform personal songs?
It can be but not usually, it's better getting it out and expressing it and stuff.

11. How old were you when you wrote your first song?
I was like 6, but when I first really started writing I was probably around 11 or 12. Then I started writing serious songs around 13, I wrote Goodbye when I was 13 so that was kind of a place that it started.

12. Has she ever been hurt by a rumor about her? If she hasn't, how did she learn how to let it slide off her back?
You can't really learn to let people lie. It's always going to hurt, no matter what the lie was. It's really sad but it's just something that you have to look away from and try and remember that it's worth it.

13. How bad is it to have your period on stage?
It is not fun, let me tell you, Ha! It's like.. it's just really uncomfortable.

14. Did she purposely wear nick's dog tag in 7 things just to annoy him?
In that video the whole point was to be obvious. All the girls had one thing from a boyfriend and they were there for a reason, the dog tag was mine. It was suppose to be obvious like that.

15. What's your favorite store to shop at/what store could you not live without?
I love Top Shop, I love urban outfitters, I love barneys, I love Wal-Mart haha, I love target stuff like that. And not live without.. probably Target or Rite Aid.

16. Are u more of a girl who wears silver jewelry or gold?
Silver. I love gold but it has a time and a place, silver however is really subtle and it can be worn anywhere and stuff like that.

17. Do u ever get annoyed when "fans" come up to you & they’re like omg i love u so much. Your so awesome! does it ever seem fake?
No, I love it. Maybe not so much "hysterical" cause it makes me feel kinda bad like I don't wanna freak people out, haha, but no it never gets old or fake or anything. I think a true artist is someone who respects people, and like.. my first "fan experience" was 4 years ago, and I've never ignored a fan since. Of course there's been times I didn't hear them or something but anytime I could, no matter what was going on if I knew a fan was calling me or something I've never ignored them and that's a very huge thing cause I've been that fan before and been ignored and I hate that

18. What's the thing that makes you laugh just thinking about it?
Mandy. Mandy or Scott, like just memories and stuff and things that they do it's just really funny. That or like.. really ridiculous rumors? That's kinda funny too but if I just had to think of something that was funny I'd think of Mandy and stuff cause we're always trying to make each other laugh.

19. What's the best feeling in the world for you?
Being on stage probably. Cause it's really intense but it's so much passion, and so much of YOURSELF into it, it's not trying to reach anyone's standards it's just being yourself and the feedback and all that stuff it's really fast and intense. It's one of the best feelings in the world. That or being in love, but HA everyone's seen my luck with that!

20. What's your all time favorite movie?
Hmm.. I love old Disney movies, so something like that. When I was sick I literally went throguh all the Disney classics and those movies are absolutely amazing. I also love Steel Magnolias, and I love Grease. AND Chapter 27!

21. What's the best gift you have ever received from a fan? and the creepiest?
The creepiest actually happened like during the Last Song, and me and Liam were walking, we weren't filming we were just walking and it'd been me, Carly Chaikin, and Liam. And Carly ditched us cause she had a "Blaze Marcus" scene that she had to film, and me and Liam were walking and stuff, and this fan like came RUNNING from her house, and it was sweet and stuff but she had scissors with her! And I was like 'alright, the girl doesn't know your not suppose to run with scissors, whatever' you know, but she comes RUNNING at me, I flipped out and we were like screaming at each other from across the street about her "intentions" with them I was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" she's like 'YOU'LL SEE!' and I was freaking out I was like "STAY AWAY FROM ME!" anyway, we had like this little 'chase' thing AROUND Liam, like she ran AROUND Liam, and I ran away from HER around Liam and when it finally calmed down she cut her own hair. Like.. she wanted me to remember her and she cut her hair and gave me a SUPER long like FIST of her hair, and I was like "Well I don't have anything for you, I can't cut my hair, but thank you." and she hugged me and stuff and then she went back home, but that was kinda creepy. And the best.. well when I first started having "fan experiences" a fan gave me a bracelet and I wore that bracelet for about 2 years it just broke like the beginning of last year, and I'd worn it for two years so that was super cool to me, it was really special, but I don't really have favorites I mean I get all of this stuff from fans, meaningful stuff, scrap books, and bracelets and necklaces and stuff and I don't really know if I love the object stuff too much cause it's like.. I don't want your money, I don't want you spending stuff on me, fi your gonna spend money then come to a show and support me and stuff, but I think support over anything would be like.. the thing for me. But scrap books and little things that are from the heart and don't cost too much money is probably the best.

22. Why wouldn't you ever want to be on SNL??
It's not that I don't want to, I just don't see it happening anytime soon cause we're super busy. But I'd love to host one day, I haven't really watched it too much to see what happens but I saw a couple clips of Taylor Swift's and it did look fun, and the parody's and stuff, so I probably would I just don't see it happening anytime soon, haha.

23. If you had the choice, you would have preferred becoming famous being a grown-up, or not changing anything at all?
There is hard stuff, and I do kinda wish I had more of a childhood, but in my family you know there was paparazzi when I was like 4, and I was on tour before I was born, like my mom went on tours when she was pregnant and I went on them all my life so I don't see me NOT being familiar with stuff even if this hadn't happened, so I wouldn't change anything, I do wish I could go to school and maybe not have 50 cameras waiting for me outside my house and like.. people trashing me everywhere and thinking that I want all this stupid attention that I don't, but it's all good. I love what I do, I love what it represents, I love having a voice and I wouldn't change that for the world.

24. If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, name three things you would do in the time you had left?
That's a good question! Lol! Ummmmm.. I wouldddd.. I don't know!! I'd have my family and my friends, and I'd probably be like.. really crazy, get tons of tattoos, I'd probably do some pretty dangerous stuff. I'd wanna drive a motorcycle, I'd get a few tattoo's, I'd probably go sky diving or something.

25. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I'd make food show up anywhere. Like.. your in a bus, or your walking or you don't wanna like.. sit down you could just like pop up a pizza, or zap sushi or something.. or I'd have like.. the strongest immune system ever so I couldn't get sick.. I'm boring so I dunno. Lol. I'd wanna fly probably.. not anything special.. just fly.

26. Besides our Arctic-like winters (which annoy me too), did you enjoy your time in Canada when you lived here?
I loved living in Canada. I was young so it was a lot easier, and I got a lot of my acting "tips" from there while Dad was doing doc, that was my first acting "bit". So that was really cool, and I loved the cold weather, and I loved the people there and like.. everything. I loved living there.

27. Has Miley ever gotten into a fist fight?
HAHA! I don't think Q&A's are a place for fighting! Pshhh.. I'm a happy person, no need for fighting, lol!

28. Does she always have to go everywhere with a bodyguard or can she ever hang out w/out one like at a friends?
I'm hardly with a "body guard" like on tour I'm pretty guarded but usually I don't have one, like at home I don't walk around with a body guard.

29. Are you dating Liam Hemsworth?
Haha! Me and Liam are very close! That's all I can say! Lol!

30. She said Mitchel was just like her brother and that the kiss back then was awkward but he said they dated around that time?
Me and Mitchel NEVER dated, he's NEVER said we've dated cause we never DID date, so.. lol. No. He's my brother, he's the closest thing I have to a brother that isn't my brother, always has been. He's a best friend to me we've never dated. Not gonna happen.

31. What color of lipstick do you wear recently? I usually don't wear lipstick but sometimes I want to. Tell me your favorite!
I really wish I could do more red lipstick cause it's really pretty, but I'm way into natural lips, cause my lips are shaped weird for a lot of colors, so maybe a little lighter than my normal color, or just like natural colors.

32. Is it possible to get tour tickets personally from Miley or her management if the show’s sold out?
That's not really possible, that's always been kinda weird to me when people like ask you for tickets but normally no it can't happen I have just as much power over tickets as the ticket holders.

33. Do you like Europe? What kind of things allowed in Europe would you like to be allowed in USA?
I have no idea, but I love Europe? Lol!

34. Are you really going back to TN and going to stop for a while?
Right now I have tour, I have Hannah in January, I have The Last Song premiering in April, I have another movie next Summer and stuff.. I don't really know what's gonna happen after that.

35. How do u manage to have a personal life with everything u do?
I video chat, and text, and call, and stuff like that. I'm very friend oriented, my friends make me who I am they're always like number one if they need me.

36. The funniest thing to ever happen on stage?
Probably messing up words, or dropping the microphone or something. Recently one of my dancers' shoes flew off during a show.. haha, that was a huge joke that was really fun.

37. What is the best advice she has ever been given?
To be yourself, cause in Hollywood there are so many people you can be, and you can fake it so easily and stuff and it's best to just be yourself. Also like, it's so easy to be thrown to the top, and like "Oh your the best" and stuff and like.. titled, and I think that a lot of the advice I've been given by my Mom mainly is just "Your just as good as anyone else, your no better, and there's nothing different. Everyone has unique talents that doesn't make you any better." and that's something that you really need to know and need to focus on cause it can go to your head so easily, and just remember who you are, where you came from, and equality.

38. Did Miley wear nick's dog tag last night?
I can wear whatever I want, haha.

39. What is your best advice for dealing with peer pressure ( of any kind)? Do you deal w/ peer pressure?
That's really dumb, like I HATE that people think that Hollywood kids "don't deal with peer pressure" if anything there's more, cause a lot of people have more drugs and have more sex and stuff like that. I don't live in a cage, sex isn't rocket science, I'm not blind. I know what sex is, I know what drugs are and there is 100% peer pressure everywhere you go. I deal with it ALL the time, and I hate that people think I don't. I'm a 16 year old girl, I know what all 16 year old girls know and have about 10 times the peer pressure. And my advice is just going back to what I said before, remember who you are and where you came from. And my thing is that I would never do anything that I'd be ashamed to tell my parents about, and just being true to myself and knowing what I want. You have to be assertive in life, you have to know WHAT you want, and HOW you want it. And falling from that is natural, everyone makes mistakes but CHOOSING to do something like that isn't what I'm about.

40. Do you ever worry that Noah is growing up too fast b/c she is exposed to the famous lifestyle?
I got asked a question similar to this in an interview yesterday so it's funny that you'd ask that question, lol! Umm.. no I'm not, Noah is a lot like me, and people are gonna say "Oh that's bad, she's gonna do this and that" blah blah blah, and that's stupid but like.. the "Halloween costume scandal" or whatever, Noah wears what she wants. She knows what she wants to do, and the message she wants to get across AS A 9 YEAR OLD. I think the true disturbance isn't in HER, or WHAT SHE WEARS, it's that adults, and other older kids will pick on her for looking "seductive' when she's not even 10 years old. The fact PEOPLE look at it like that is the truly sick part, not that she's wearing it at 9. Cause she looked cute, I loved what she wore, and she does come tome but I'm not gonna be like "Noah DON'T wear that cause Hollywood will call you a slut." when she's 9, she doesn't know what half that stuff is. They're gonna pick on her for DANCING at 9, she sees stuff. She's on tour with a 16 year old a band like Metro Station, she's IN Hollywood too, she books jobs, she's not a normal 9 year old but she IS 9. And I hate that cruel sick twisted people will look at her like that. Anyone, not only Hollywood, ANYONE that looked at that costume or anything she does as "slutty' or "skanky" is twisted, cause she's 9 years old before she's anything like that, and she's having fun, dressing up, while people like that are sitting behind a computer judging a 9 year old girl, and that's twisted. She's the smartest little girl I know, and she is so much like me when I was her age and she's like my little inspiration, she's amazing and so strong for her age and she knows what she wants. There's nothing wrong with her, there's something wrong with the people that do that stuff to her. I think she IS more exposed because of where she is, but that's MY fault. And I think about that all the time, if I hadn't taken the job, she'd still be in Nashville riding horses and being with us and having fun without that, and I feel guilty every single day of my life NOT because she wears a costume that people don't like, but because she's being judged like I am and that's sick. She's more exposed but that doesn't make her any less human or any less of a 9 year old girl.

41. Do you find it hard to still relate to your non famous friends?
Not really cause I am normal. I mean them saying "Ugh I'm so bored in class and the teacher is lecturing us, and the popular girl is horrible." (I've never really gotten that as a text or a message or anything just saying.) but I don't necessarily "relate exactly" to that but I do cause like.. I go to class for school, and I get lectures, and there ARE girls that I know that are stuck up snobs and think they're so much better and they're not. But just cause I can't relate to them doesn't mean anything cause they don't relate to "Ugh I'm on set and bored and our camera man is a jerk" either. So I think those differences are something that brings us closer rather than like further and different.

42. Who was Obsessed about?
Obsessed is about any girl that has a guy that like.. they can't get him off their mind, and it's like the place when your like "am I in love with them" and it's before you know or anything and it's just that point, right between falling in love and being aware of it and I remember feeling like "Omg I think I'm obsessed with this person' and it's not necessarily a GREAT feeling but it is cause you know that you care so much about someone, but anyone who has truly fallen in love has had that feeling.

43. Do you think you are shown favoritism in your family b/c you are the "star?"
That's a stupid question. Sorry but it is. There's no favoritism at all in my family. At all. Ever. There's none, I get chores, I get in trouble, I get grounded just as much as everyone else. When it's our family, there isn't any fame we don't think of it that way. That's just really stupid.

44. Which types of shows does Miley prefer-shows where every moment is planned OR shows where she plays whatever she wants?"
Whatever I want, like the show on tour is rehearsed, BUT it's me too. They don't tell me to walk a certain way or anything. It's definitely more me, it's everything mine and it's probably the most fun tour we've had, like I get really screamy and mad when people are sitting down. I hate it, I get SO mad because it's like.. it's a SHOW, I don't know when I'll get to do another one, I work really hard, my dancers and everyone on the crew work SO hard, you can't just sit and gawk.. liek I want you to GET UP and actually have fun, like if your not up, smiling, clapping, dancing then I'm gonna get mad at you.. lol. I hate people sitting or being boring.. I'M not being boring on stage so don't be boring in the stands for ME, cause I gotta watch YOU. You get to watch me dance and work hard I wanna watch YOU do some stuff too, I don't want to get bored!

45. Have they ever considered doing a pay-per-view broadcast of a Miley concert?
I dunno, lol! I'm not in control of the TV people...

46. You seem to have great taste in music from all your tweets quoting lyrics? How do you find all those great musicians?
Well my dad of course and my mom, and stuff like that. I have a whole variety of friends and their interests so just.. listening to music and stuff and figuring out what you like isn't that hard.

47. Are they going to release a DVD of a Wonder World tour performance with a CD?
I don't really know anything about that, I don't think there'll be a DVD though this isn't like the BOBW tour as far I know, but we do have recorders and professional filmers and stuff for documents and stuff so who knows.

48. How do you feel about all the dating rumors? Including the Liam Hemsworth ones?
I don't really care anymore, I used to be like really offended cause most of the guys that there were rumors about were NOT my type, haha. But you know whatever.. I'm kinda over it now, I know they're rumors. And the Liam Hemsworth ones, I dunno, he's cool we're close so whatever. Think what you want, we know what's really goin' on.

49. Will Miley be answering all of the fan mail on her new account or just a few?
I answer what I answer, like I read it all and stuff there's been so many people writing and I'm so thankful for it's success so far and I answer what I can, but I read it all and I love it all and it's absolutely amazing so I'm really happy.

50. Is all the stress and hardship that you are going through worth it?
It's definitely worth it, when it's going on I'm like.. intense, just "Omg I'm SO tired of this" and I have my moments that I throw fits about it or whatever but at the end of the day I love what I do.

51. Be honest. do you ever get bored on stage? Like start thinking about random things when you are singing?
Sometimes, but I love like.. watching people dance, reading signs, I love doing all that stuff so I'm never really bored. Plus there are so many stunts and stuff that there's really no time for boredom. I'm always putting 110%. I could probably do the show in my sleep by now but it's always different I'm always trying to be the best I can be and make the next show better than the last.

52. What is one thing that you wish you go back and do different?
I don't live with regrets, that's something that weighs you down, that keeps you from reaching your goals. I don't regret anything, I love my life and everything has paid off, and the people who I WOULD regret, like they can live with the baggage and they can live with the hatred or whatever they wanna do, it's not my problem and they're nothing to me, I don't regret anything.

53. You have a PERFECT, womanly body. do you ever feel pressure to look like a skeleton?
Nah. I love my body, and I love having big thighs and a big butt or whatever people wanna say. I love eating, and I'm not gonna stop eating, lol! I love my body and people that don't need to look at themselves. If you have an idea of a "perfect body" then YOU go get it, cause I'm not trying to look good for you.

54. What did you really think of the Team Selena/Demi shirt?
It was stupid, like.. the whole thing in general was dumb, but the fact people made shirts and thought so much about them, is just.. retarded. We laughed it off.

55. What advice does Miley have for me? I’m looking for my first girlfriend and I’m looking around but can't find her?
Don't rush it, there's no need to rush into those things. You'll be happier being patient. You don't wanna look back 10 years from now with a wife or whatever and wish you gave things to her that you gave to a first desperate girlfriend.

56. What was the most special thing that someone has done for you?
Loved me.

57. What was the most special thing that you have done for someone?
Loved them. Ha!

58. Who were some of the more 'special' guests that have come to visit you on tour?
Liam came to see me in LA! haha. I know that's probably like what's on half of peoples minds. Umm.. John Mayer came to a couple shows, a couple really cool bands, I WANT Demi to come to a show but she's super busy, Mandy saw a show, like those really close people, we've been trying to get time for either me or the Jonas' to be able to see each other, but our schedules are like.. fighting each other, but they're gonna come out and see me.. next month sometime I think, I'm really excited about them and stuff like that, uhh.. my dad, haha! And then (DUH ASHLEY! Ha!) Paige Bradford came to a show in St. Louis, Cory Samples came to a show and is gonna come to another one in like 8 days.. and Ashley (TheHeartOfMiley Ashley, not Tisdale even though she came to a show too!) umm.. stuff like that. I'm also trying to get Vanessa and Stella to come out but they're both really busy too.

59. People are saying the tattoo on your arm is real? Pretty sure its not.. but what’s the deal? just for fun?
HA! No. It's not real. It was for my Pocahontas costume, and it looked really rad, so I kept putting more on! Lol! I went and got like 10 of that tattoo and just kept re-doing it.

60. Is it true that you and Nick started to date again on the summer?
that's me and Nick's business. We're best friends now, and I tell him everything, and we're super close and friends. But the summer and all that, I was going through a lot, and.. well basically that's just not your business, haha!

61. Grossest thing you've ever eaten that you thought tasted good?
I'm really weird with food as it is, but like.. I love pizza and ketchup and people think that's weird.. one time me, and Ronnie (the guy that has impacted my life SO MUCH to the point that I named Ronnie in "The Last Song" AFTER him. So he's important.) and my brother and Mandy were in a restaurant and like.. we put all of this WEIRD stuff in a drink, and it started out as coke and it ended up like a bright pink color, so we put a lot in it, ad they all almost threw up and it was delicious to me, haha!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you to Ashley and Miley for taking time to do these Q and A's. I think i've had at least one of my questions answered in every Q and A's you've done so thank you.
    xoxo Katy

  2. Thank you for these...keep adding more...
    Its gives us a chance to see the real miley, and thats just cool

  3. dang, with each new q&a i feel like i know miley that much better...so close, yet so far away...