Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Edition Q&A With [Nick Jonas]!

Well, Thanks to Miley, we were able to have Nick Jonas do a Q&A for you guys! You guys sent in the questions, he answered them. Thanks for participating! :)

Will the Jonas brothers come to South America again?
Hopefully we will soon! When we were there, it was AMAZING. The fans are awesome. We just love it so much there. So definitely we're looking forward to come back and do another South American Tour. We'd love it.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? If you could live one day over again what day would it be?
My hometown, New Jersey. I was raised there and I love it there. The weather and stuff. So New Jersey. And back on our first tour with Miley, I loved the date we had it was on a beach, and we kept chasing each other back and forth and just laughing and goofing off with my brothers. Then we actually got back to the hotel room, we were having a sleep over, Miley and Joe were fighting for the remote and Joe THREW Miley across the room and she landed on a couch luckily. It was hilarious though! I would definitely want to live that day again!

My boyfriend will listen to your music w/ me but won't go to your concert w/ me. Do you ever wish you had more guy fans?
Well, not really? I love all my fans, and as long as they appreciate my music that's all that ever matters to me. That they appreciate our hard work and our music. It's awesome. I've seen a lot of guys at our shows its always cool having varied fans.

What’s the best date you've ever been on?
It was at a beach actually.. it was romantic but it was fun, I love fun dates. Shes a real romantic and that's awesome, I love that. And we were running and stuff, we'd push each other into the water, and share random kisses. We stayed there ALL day, and all night. We had food there and everything. That’s definitely one of the best dates ever. Fun, simple and memorable.

Are you really gonna grow a mustache??
HAHAHA! I don't know.. maybe.. no just kidding. I don't think so.

What is your favorite song of yours? Would you ever like to go skydiving or bungee jumping?
My favorite song.. would be Before The Storm and Black Keys. I would LOVE to go skydiving or bungee jumping. I'll make sure I go someday in the future.

Is it true that Courtney is in Europe with him right now?
No.. Courtney is NOT in Europe with me.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought lately?
Hmmm.. a coat.. Lol

What did you think of Justin dressing up as you for Halloween last year?
He looked ludicrous to me.. So nothing really. It was stupid.

Can you ask him if he is excited to be a best man at his brothers wedding?
I am really excited about being Best Man. I'm so proud and happy for my brother.

What is the hardest part of dealing with diabetes with your schedule? How do you do it?
It IS hard to not FORGET, but I have to ALWAYS make time for it. It'd be dangerous if I didn't. I definitely have to check my blood glucose and make sure I'm healthy, working out, I have SO much stress and so much going on that it is easily forgettable, but I have my dad, and he helps me with everything.

Describe your dream day off.
I'm a boring person.. and I KNOW all of you know that. So probably I'd stay home, watching TV, talking to a special someone, eating. And then maybe playing wiffle or golf with my brothers.

Was it sad writing before the storm with Miley or was it good to get closure?
It was amazing re-connecting with her that way. We're really close now, and it was a way for us to get closer. We tell each other everything. She's my best friend, EVERYTHING came down to something amazing that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. So no it wasn't sad, although it was emotional. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

My cousin has had diabetes for ten months and she is really self conscious about it and thinks boys won't like her or be weirded out because of it. What advice can he give her?
My advice is tell everyone. You're a strong girl, and diabetes do NOT make you any different. Just manage them well and you'll do just fine. I was like that at first, because I didn't want to seem "breakable" but it doesn't. It just means you have a struggle, EVERYONE does. Whether is with your family, diabetes, cancer. There's ways to deal with it, but don't be afraid of people treating you different. That's not gonna happen.

When is your solo project going to come out?
Next year for sometime we don't have an EXACT date, yet.

Not including what's on LVATT, what is your favorite JB song?
My favorite song.. hmm.. probably A Little Bit Longer.

Do you realize how many people are obsessed w/ you and your headbands lately?
HAHA I don't know. I wear them to push my hair back a little. I think I need another hair cut soon..

How hard is it to perform when you're not feeling well? how hard was it for you canceling the show?
It is NOT hard, I forget about not feeling well, when I have a cold or something. I love performing and seeing my fans reactions so it is heart-breaking we had to cancel the show because of ME, I hate being sick and cancelling shows. I love pleasing our fans and entertaining them, so it was horrible to me.

Any favorite onstage moments?
Looking at the crowd and seeing fans singing along and smiling. When I connect with my fans, its amazing. I love that.

Will you be touring w/ the solo album? Anything new can you tell us about the whole project?
I cannot tell anything about that. You'll have to wait and see.

You have a rep for being so serious. In what ways do you cut up and have fun?
I'm not SERIOUS all the time. I'm just quiet. I love having fun, I love trying to be funny and stuff. I'm not really serious, or anything like that. Just try to act cool for cameras.. haha kidding.

What possession, do you most treasure?
A ring I got from someone and my bible.

What's the one characteristic you admire most about Miley?
Wow.. that's a hard one, but probably her courage. She's amazing, and she gets SO bashed about every move she makes, the media are on her back the entire time. And she's not afraid of still going out there and doing what she loves, not caring what anyone else says. Her passion for what she does, and the LOVE. She's an admirable person in general. And that makes me very proud of her, her courage and passion. And just her as a person. How she stays grounded, and its sweet and funny all the time, no matter who tries to bring her down.

What's your favorite thing to do?

Are you guys doing another season of "Jonas"?
Yes!! we're ready for a second season soon!

What kind of girls do u look for? if there was a girl who had the best personality but she didn’t have the best body... would u still consider dating her?
She has to have a LOT of personality. Not a plain, boring personality. Someone I can talk to, I don't want CLEVER conversations, just someone I can talk to about anything and understand my job and what I do, that I won't be around much, and things like that. Just someone understanding and I’m comfortable with.

How old were you when you had your first kiss? Was it nice?
I was thirteen, and it was nice. Lol!

What type of music will your solo album include?
Rock, blues, a little bit of everything. Various types of music.

Which of your songs is like, the more important, the one with more meaning?
I have a LOT of songs that mean so much to me, like A Little Bit Longer, Sorry, Before The Storm, Black Keys. So its really hard for me to just choose ONE. They're all important and meaningful to me.

Again, thank you to all who participated. Your participation in things like this is what keeps this site going. I love doing this for you guys, and i know you guys enjoy these once in a while question and answer sessions i have with Miley and special ones like this one with Nick J. Please spread the word around, the more, the merrier! Have fun! & I hope your question was answered! <3

TheHeartOfMiley (Ashley)

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