Friday, November 6, 2009

Miley Q&A All About "BOYS" !!

You chose it. You sent them in. You got it. YOUR questions for Miley regarding "BOYS"! Delicate subject but Miley answered them with a bang! See for yourself! :)

1. Do you have any regrets when it comes to boys?
Yeah, haha.

2. What do you look for in a guy?
Honesty, loyalty, funny, like.. not into fame. Like if he's an actor that's fine but not into dating for fame, or to be in tabloids, nothing having to do with fame.. willingness to have privacy, trust, and patience.

3. What is the nicest thing a guy has ever bought you?
Bought me? Umm.. The nicest thing would be a plane ticket. BUT I'm not saying where it was to, what it was for, or why I went wherever it was, haha!

4. Although no one is perfect, if Miley could create the perfect boy, what traits would he have?
Patience, privacy, honesty, funny, tall (HA! maybe not like HUGE but he has to be taller than me!), understanding, creative, down to earth, an accent of some kind, umm.. he'd have to be a dreamer too, he'd definitely have to have passion. No matter what it was for, no matter what kind it was, but he has to have passion. Umm.. and he'd have to be amazing to his mom.. and he can't be weird about me playing with his phone, writing on his hands or taking pictures of kisses and using them as screen savers. Haha.

5. What do you think of "Niley" "Mustin" "Liley" do u hate that?
Uh.. haha. I dunno it's cool, I mean if people are gonna just cram letters together then whatever, that's their business.. I don't walk around saying "Oh yeah because we're a couple you have to call us _____" whatever the name is. That's dumb, but I know gossip sites use it, and I think they're dumb anyway so.. whatever, haha. To me it's like, no matter who your dating your name is your name. Like everyone had a huge thing with "Niley" and it's like.. "Niley" sounds more like a converse to me then a , we're Miley, and Nick. Not "Niley" and even though we're not a couple now when we were it was never "Niley" we always kinda made fun of that cause it was really dumb.

6. How hard is it to date a guy yet be on tour and not get to see him much? Or maybe u do?
Being on tour and like, wanting to see someone can be super hard, but what I do is just have them come out a few days at a time and visit a lot and a lot of video chatting and a lot of phone calls and texting.

7. Do you think you and Nick will be friends for the rest of your lives?
Me and Nick are best friends, we're gonna stay that way. We had like a rough patch last year but we've been friends, just cause we don't hang out all the time people automatically assume that we don't talk cause of stupid stuff and we do. we're best friends and I honestly think that we will be for the rest of our lives because we relate to each other so much, and we go through so many similar things and we're really different, I'm super energetic and he's really laid back and he's more serious and I'm way more of the "fun" type so we go through the same things and have completely different opinions so there’s compare and contrast and it's super cool. We're best friends.

8. You and Nick dated when you were super young. Some people say u were too young to be in love. what do u say to that?
Our age did have a lot to do with things and that's why I kinda referred to him more of a fairytale character cause we WERE really young, but at the same time while most 13 year olds are wanting to like.. jump rope or whatever they do, I know Noah loves that stuff, but 13 year olds are like.. transitioning and their still so young and stuff and wanting to ride bikes while we were like "Oh well I'm going to Germany this weekend." "Oh well I'm filming my TV show and recording my album this weekend" and it wasn't normal kids, we grew up super fast and no matter what age you are you know what love is, and you know how you feel about someone and yeah I would have to say that my last huge relationship and even some now are way different and I am way more aware of my feelings and how hard love is and how you truly fall in love but age is just a number, we were together for 2 years and we hardly saw each other and it was really hard but we were still human and we went through some of the hardest times together and it IS sad that some people think you can only fall in love after legal age or whatever but I don't care what they think because we know how things happened and we grew together and learned from each other and that's the point. We were happy and that's what matters.

9. A lot of people had "strong" opinions about Justin. Did you ever let that bother you?
Who? I'm sorry, I don't know anyone by that name, you must have me confused with someone else. =]

10. How hard is it to deal with dating when everyone is looking over your shoulder?
It depends on the person, if they're strong enough to handle it and keep holding on and trust me and let me trust them, and it's a bond. It has to be very strong and very trusting.

11. Who are the top 3 most important guys in your life right now?
I'm gonna do 4, cause I have 4. Lol! My daddy, Scott, Liam, and Nick.

12. How do you deal with a heartbreak whether it is rejection for liking someone who doesn't like you back, or breaking up?
Lots of food, lots of friends, and lots of song writing. I haven't had a whole lot of like "heart breaks" but I think just knowing that your a kid, and knowing that there will be a lot along the way and that it'll be worth it when you find like that guy that you wanna spend the rest of your life with. It's a lot easier thinking of it that way and living and learning from it. Get a few awesome songs out of it, it's an excuse to eat all the time and cry and sleep all the time, it's alright. Haha. Just as soon as it happens don't lay around waiting, just get up and continue your life and have fun.

13. What's your trick to connecting to the boys in your life? Just being yourself?
I've never pretended to be something I'm not to a boy. I'm really not very girly personality wise, I laugh about stuff guys do and I definitely relate to guys a lot more than the girly girls so we hang out anyway and I'm just huge on being great friends with everyone, if you have a "not so great friend" then it's not really a friend and your not putting enough effort so I'm just myself and what happens , happens.

14. What would your dream date be with Liam?
HAHA! We don't need to throw in names, as in like a "DREAM DATE" alone though would be like.. just something really fun, like doing something really fun then going some place really peaceful and breezy and quiet and just talking, and playing around. I never want a date where you just sit down and do absolutely nothing. I love having fun and I'd be way too bored, I never wanna be bored on a date I'd want to do something really enjoyable and then do something really sentimental, that'd be really good and Liam is a super cool guy and definitely gets that concept too and we're really great friends and we're super close and that's all I'll say about that. =] we're just really close and having fun.

15. Is it annoying & hurtful that the media and ppl in general think that you're a "slut" and have had sex and such? its rude.
I think it's really dumb that people call me something that I'm not, and I think it's stupid people assume things of me when they don't eve know me. It's not really hurtful or anything, it's kinda sad that people don't have anything better to do with their lives but I know who I am, what I've done and how I'm living my life and that's what matters. I'm completely at my happiest with my life and that's what matters. It's no one's business but my own.

16. How do you feel about the song Before the Storm with Nick, and why did you guys decide to write a song about it?
You know people consistently try and say we're not friends, that we never talk, that we hate each other and it’s really dumb to both of us. The way we both talked about things never got the story out there and it made it look like we wanted our fans to side with one of us through the break-up and that was never the case. It was Nick's idea to write it, he wrote it about the situation and I went to a theater with him and we sat in the dark and talked it through and we went over it and I changed a few things, we turned it into a duet and we decided we'd get our story out there. How we really felt through the whole transition, and through the entire situation so that we could get it out there we didn't completely hate each other or anything, and that we did hurt and we did feel and we did love each other and no matter what age it was there will always be a story behind the interviews, behind the lies and behind the rumors, there's always another story. And we had a beautiful story and it came to a tragic end but we got a beautiful friendship from it and an amazing song, and we both got equally amazing songs from that situation and Before the Storm is just our story and how we felt and the heartfelt, loving side that kinda showed what happened behind the anger.

17. Have you ever been jealous seeing an ex with another girl?
No I don't get jealous, I've had two serious relationships before now. One of which I don't talk to at all and I honestly couldn't care less about who wants them, and the other is like... my best friend, and if he's happy then I am my happiest FOR him, we support each other all the way, and like Nick, I go to him for boy problems all the time and he comes to me for girl problems all the time. We're so happy for each other right now, and where each other is, and who is on our journeys with us and that's what's important. There isn't any jealousy, we're best friends and my other relationship, I honestly couldn't care less I don't want any of that back, so no not at all. I'm super happy with my life right now and my relationship status and who may be involved IN that status. We're really happy for each other, we don't know what will happen in the future but whatever happens, happens but right now we're both super happy for each other. And I've never been the one that "dumped" them in my last two serious relationships, I was the one who got dumped, so they now know what they missed out on and that's a good thing too! =]

18. Do you ask a guy out or do you wait for a guy to ask you out?
It pretty much depends on who it is and how things happen. I haven't really asked many guys out myself, so far it's more been being asked out but I'd definitely ask a guy out if I wanted to and they hadn't asked yet and I knew they liked me too.

19.I gave into fitting in and having sex with someone I barely knew.. Do you ever feel the pressure to have sex?
There's always going to be pressure and honestly being in Hollywood there's actually a lot more pressures and pressing situations like that, I think that everyone from time to time gets pressured to do those things and it's just our morals and will power that chooses what we do. My thing is just that never do anything that you'll regret, if you'll regret it then don't do it.

20. Do you ever get annoyed that you can't even talk to a guy without the media instantly saying you're dating?!
Yeah it's really stupid.

21. Is there a male actor out there that you would LOVE to costar with in either a movie or on Hannah?
In The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth was my co-star and he's like the hottest co-star ever, so I'm pretty content.

22. My cousin found out that she has diabetes less than a year ago, she is 15 and really self conscious around boys because of it. I always tell her that Miley dated nick j so it's not that big of a deal. can you ask Miley if it was ever an issue for her?
Never an issue, if anything it was better because it made him who he was. Not an issue at all. I was definitely a lot more careful with my health, and I was a lot more aware. I started carrying a first aid kit, if anything it definitely improved me, it taught me something and it was an amazing thing for me to learn from.

23. How old where you when u got your first boyfriend and first kiss? and who was it? Was it good or did it suck? Did you get butterflies?
I had my first boyfriend in Kindergarten... My first kiss was when I was 13 with Mitchel Musso for an episode of Hannah that NEVER aired, it was okay, but it wasn't like great cause it was both of our first kiss, and I did get butterflies but it was first kiss butterflies not "like him" butterflies cause I didn't, and I don't. He's my brother, haha.

I LOVE doing Q&A with you guys! You guys have SUCH amazing questions. I CANNOT stress that enough! And you guys are welcome! Miley, as well as myself, love putting smiles on your faces!

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Lots of Love, XOXO
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  1. Umm...Did this "I gave into fitting in and having sex w. someone I barely knew.. " mean to get on there? Was it a typo? Cause...yeah....

  2. hahaha i got a bit confuse about that part too. but im like : blahhhs, typo typo.

  3. Ashley, Miley, I love love love this Q&A, there are lots of things we dont know about Miley, and these answers really made me felt closer to Miley. mwahhs mwahhs xoxoxo

  4. Your welcome! and YES there was a typo. "I gave into fitting in and having sex w. someone I barely knew.. " was actually the beginning of question 19! SORRY!

  5. Wow, she had her first kiss on a TV show? Ha, ha, that's odd :P And I would so love to see that episode, btw! Ha, ha.

  6. haha omg i totallly LOVED that blog. she just makes me smile for some reason. Miley really is down to earth girl :) love her personality! i have so much to learn from her though she's younger. lol!

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