Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miley Question & Answer Session

The anticipation is over! Sorry it took so long! Miley answered 30 questions for y'all! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed asking them. as always, let me know if yours was answered, what your thoughts and comments are, either on here or on twitter. Thanksss !!! :)

1. If she were to have one wish what would it be?
I really wish that I could spread more, I wish that I could spread more outlooks without being cast down because of my age. I wish that more kids MY age, who are actually a lot more mature than most of the adults lately, could have more a voice and I'm definitely working more on that type of stuff lately.

2. When you're tired, what kind of weird things happen to you?
When I'm tired I just kinda like.. talk a little weirder, not necessarily like missing names or talking to fast or too slow I just talk a little different and I get stressed and I get irritable too. I'm a little more slow pace.

3. How do you come up with the wardrobe for a tour and do you pick it or do other people find the outfits?
Well we have the clothing line now, we have Miley and Max and we needed to incorporate a LOT of that into the show, we definitely needed to work that into ALMOST every piece, so we sat down, it was me and my wardrobe people and we just kinda went through it all. Overall I did choose every outfit, I helped design a couple pieces, we just really based it off of rock and those things. I had an idea for what I wanted the tour to be and everyone working with me has been absolutely AMAZING as to kind of revolving everything around that.

4. Is your clothing line in Canada yet?
I have no control over where they distribute it, I am working to kinda get it a little bit of everywhere.

5. Do you have a lot of family like lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins?
My family in general is HUGE, like there's 5 kids, and so my family alone is just huge but like my family is really like FAMILY oriented, and we all kinda work together. My uncle is my bodyguard and we've got cousins working on tour and I've got a really supportive family, but in size I think I'd just be a normal southern family size, haha.

6. Do you like the beach? I'm a surfer and I would like to surf with you hahaha.
A good friend of mine is a huge surfer, and I LOVE the beach I've tried surfing before but I'm not like.. a "surfer" at all, I fall within the first few seconds haha. But I am a beach person definitely.

7. What is it like to have songs written about u?
It's definitely awesome having artists mention your name but I think the most meaningful songs are definitely by my friends, people close to me, I've had a few love songs written about me and that just makes me smile so much cause I love having such caring and AMAZING people in my life and it's definitely very nice, and very fun and very interesting.

8. Is she dating ANYone right now?
I am dating, and I am having fun. I'm 16 I'm always dating and always flirting, that's in my nature like in every other girl alives nature so you know, I'm dating, I'm having fun.

9. Have you seen your friend Taylor Swift in concert?
I've seen her in concert before, yeah.

10. If you had a day with no plans and could do whatever you wanted, what would u do? and who would it be with?
I would be with "someone" very close to me, lol! And probably like Demi and Mandy and just lay in bed all day, and eat McDonald's and watch Spongebob and then go eat sushi, and then.. go back and nap again. Lol!

11. What do u plan on doing for your 17Th bday??!
I have a DAY OFF, ha! Like my last two birthdays have been extremely public and concerts and I've been entertaining on my birthday like my 15Th and my 16Th and I'm just having my friends and we're just gonna hang out in... I can't remember what city we'll be in but I'll have my really close friends there and I know "someone" is coming to see me and I'm just so stoked and I really can't wait. I love being 16 though, It was kinda like my golden age, I FIGURED it'd be like a year I had one boyfriend the whole time and no huge heart break break-ups again and that didn't exactly happen but I wasn't heartbroken this time. Like.. not at all, now that I look at "him" it's just like.. gag. Ha! But, I'm just gonna have fun and actually RELAX and spend the day making sure I'M having a good time.

12. Do you think you'll want to move out and get your own place when you're 18 or wait a little longer?
Ha! No. I'm way to close to my mom, and like this tour I've been a major daddy's girl I'm calling him ALL the time, and so no. I have like one more year and I'm 18 it's INSANE I can't believe that this time has gone by so fast, but no. I'll definitely not move out, my family is too amazing to me, I love my home.

13. What do u love more? Filming in Tybee for the Last Song or being on tour?
Ohhh that's so hard!! Umm.. you know acting has become such a passion to me and singing is in my blood it's what I was meant to do, so I don't really know.. Last Song.. I learned who I was, I had so many new experiences I learned so much about myself and others and I have some very very special people that came from that experience, it was something totally new.. but I do love tour and I love the thrills and the fun and the passion, but I have to say probably Last Song in the sense of learning and growing and maturing and just.. being new to things and overwhelming happiness and support. And tour for the craziness, and the rush, and the thrill, and the passion and the fire and the freedom.

14. If you could eat anything right now what would it be?
vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup

15. Does Miley have any jewelry tips for us? Like a favorite designer or brand - or a comment on how she accessorizes ?
I think just go all out, jewelry definitely really shows your style and your personality too. I love jewelry I wear it all the time it's really rocker and classy, so just do whatever. go all out with it.

16. Do you have your own jet? Do you use private jets every time you have to travel?
I have to use jets all the time cause I'm really busy and have to go back and forth places and shows and cities, so I use jets a lot but I don't like.. own one, I'm sure other people use the jet I use. Haha.

17. Ok so hypothetically speaking, if a huge fan (who's your age I might add) was to meet u and she told u she was a huge fan and wanted to be your friend would u be weirded out or would you love it?
Haha? I consider all my fans friends kinda cause they relate to it but like.. I dunno? Lol!

18. What it was like to film SATC 2! That must have been awesome!
It was really an honor I love all of them and they were all really sweet and welcoming and they're all working really hard and it was awesome being a part of something that I love so much and it was really nice, I got to kinda be more of myself there too, being a cameo that wasn't in Disney so I kinda got a taste of that and they're all just really lovely. It was great.

19. So.. we all know why you deleted your @mileycyrus twitter account, but why the @mismile too?
Basically the same reason, it wasn't fun tweeting and then the next day hearing "So why'd you delete your twitter?" and having to talk and making these amazing reasons on why NOT to tweet then turning around and tweeting, it was hypocritical and not only that but I was feeding into not having a personal life, I love having a personal life and every time I tweeted something personal people took it way too seriously or got like WAY too nosey. It was just annoying having a twitter, and I like it better now.

20. What is Miley's happiest memory?
With my pappy and my whole family together.

21. Is she going to perform on the X factor this year?
I dunno, you'll just have to wait and see!

22. You would rather be bald or never ever again use a computer?
Yeah definitely, there are a lot of women that can rock shaves. AND there's wigs!

23. Do you have any phobia?
I don't think so?

24. Did you already skydive? If yes, did you like it? If no, is it something you would like to do?
I haven't, but I would love to. I will one day, haha.

25. Single most memorable moment on stage?
Umm.. I'm not sure, I've had a lot of on stage moments.. I love being on stage with my friends and surprise appearances, I love singing to people. I recently sang to a young cancer patient on stage and that's definitely super memorable. Things like that.

26. If/when her sis gets engaged, will she help plan the wedding? (cause she says she wants to be a wedding planner haha)?
haha! I probably would, I think that my Mom would want to help a lot though because it'd be her first kids wedding and stuff. I don't know if I'd help out too much but I really want it to happen anyway! Ha.

27. What is one thing she would really like her fans to understand about her?
That I'm 16, and I'm gonna make mistakes. that I'm gonna do normal stuff and see normal people and have normal boyfriends. It's really hard for a lot of people to see that, but like that's a lot media too. Mainly. So like another thing would be just.. have fun. Like.. don't jump on everything I say and judge so harshly and jump to conclusions. I'm human, I have feelings and I have a sense of humor and I love having fun and I think that sitting around bad mouthing or judging me is stupid when you should be looking at yourself a little more.

28. How many kids does she want one day?
I'd probably want a few kids, we have a lot of kids in my family.. and I know how close we all are, so I'd want something like that. maybe not 5, but I definitely will want babies.

29. How do u imagine yourself in 10 years? Still in Hollywood, or wedding planner?
I dunno, I'm not really a huge one for like.. sitting around and thinking about what I'll be doing. I'm living my dream right now and I'll see where that takes me. I'll do what makes me happy.

30. Does she like camping (or has she ever been)?
Yeah I love it, haha. Who doesn't?

You guys have amazing questions! We'll have another Q&A session soon! Maybe in a few weeks! Thanks for all the love and support for Miley. You guys rock!

<3 TheHeartOfMiley (Ashley)


  1. omg so awesomee :D
    cant wait for the next session.
    btw, what is SATC 2? i think i havent heard of it.. or i dont understand just this short version of the real title. lol.

    ps!miley ROCKS :D

  2. SACT 2 = sex and the city 2. GWTP! (GWTP = get with the program) lol

    cool, i love learning more stuff about miley, this was fun to read