Monday, October 26, 2009

The Last Song Q&A

Finally! We were able to finish the questions last night! Sorry. we've both been kinda busy, Miles with tour and me with work. But here you go! Quite a few were answered! Leave feedback, comments, and let me know if YOUR question was answered! :)

Is it true that "The Last Song" got pushed back to April 2 instead of January 8?
It did get pushed back, yeah.

How did Nick Sparks come about wanting to write this story for you? Was it discussed over a family dinner or something?
Haha! That'd be so cool, but no. He'd known my work and he saw kinda what I was going through in Hollywood and stuff and I think that he kinda already had the idea but he had the story and he just wrote it with my face in my mind for Ronnie, so that's really cool. It was just something that was super, super inspiring and amazing and I'm so honored.

How close is the Movie to the book? Does it have any differences that’s not in the book?

Well all movies are gonna be a bit different cause it's like squeezing 400 pages into 2 hours. So that is definitely hard, I think the only thing is we missed a few scenes and a few things are different, but it's definitely really good We didn't want people to read the book then see the EXACT SAME WORDS and everything so the storyline is the same, definitely really similar just more interesting for a movie point of view.

Is there anything from the book they changed in the movie version that Miley wishes they had left the same?
The only things they changed were changed to fit all of the different morals and stories into the movie. It was all good and MINOR changes. You don't wanna watch EXACTLY what you read! It'd be boring!

What was it like spending your whole summer in Tybee? How did u prepare for your crying scenes?
Spending the summer in Tybee was the best thing that ever happened to me, it was the greatest experience of my life. And acting exercise haha.

I know you had a great time filming on Tybee Island but what is it that makes it such a great place and such good fun?
It was just different from the places I've lived before it was so peaceful and just so.. sweet. It was an amazing place. It was like a dream.

Where did you sleep during the shoot of the movie?
We had a house. We had a hotel for a while but there was like a house that was rented and stuff that we stayed in.

Was she intimidated working on a serious movie?
I wasn't intimidated I was a little nervous and a little overwhelmed but I wasn't intimidated.

Which part of the movie was the hardest and saddest scene for you to act?
Haha I can't talk about it that much, I’ll definitely answer more detailed once it's out and stuff.

What were the best and worst things that happened during the filming of the movie?
The best is like, I went in to a whole bunch of people I didn't know. I've never done that, I'm always friends with my co-stars before I go or my recording studios and stuff and going to Georgia I didn't know ANYONE, and they didn't know me so I got some great friends and hopefully I'm a great friend to them and having that experience was definitely the best. And the worst, was probably being AWAY from some of my friends, I had my little sister and my big sister sometimes but everyone else was gone it was just me and my Mom. So I missed all of my family and Mandy and Demi and everyone I really missed my friends, and my home.

What did Miley learn about in playing in The last song???
I learned so much about life, and I learned so much about how I live and Hollywood and the people in my life. That was probably the best experience I've ever had in my entire life, and I'll remember it forever. It's amazing, and I learned about myself more than anything.

What are the similarities between Miley and Ronnie? What does Miley think they are?
Ronnie is really trying to express herself, and Ronnie doesn't know where her place is, and she doesn't really know herself. She's really stuck in things and she doesn't know how to get over things, or move on, and most importantly Ronnie is learning what love really is, and what falling in love really means and how it really feels and those are pretty much what's the same, because I'm in that same position and Ronnie has really helped me through some of those things.

The funniest incident that happened to you on the set ?
There was a lot of funny and joking around that went on but I think mainly just like.. my clumsiness really made everyone laugh, hopefully they put a blooper thing on the DVD cause it's really, really funny.

Wasn't it too hard having to kiss a boy that you just met?
No! Not at all, me and Liam got and ARE very close from the film and it was nice meeting a boy and not knowing him at all and getting to do acting like that with him. It wasn't hard at all, he's amazing and so nice and so sweet, and he's hot too so that was a bonus. Not hard at all. That was probably the easiest part, Lol!!

What are the similarities or chemistry that Miley has in the characters Ronnie, Steve and her little brother?
Well I loved all of the cast, and all of everyone were very respected and very , very talented actors, and we were all just very. very close on set so we definitely did have chemistry and relatability. We're all very close knit and we all worked extremely hard, but there's definitely relateability and chemistry.

What was the most difficult line you had to play and why? And the one you couldn't keep a straight face ?
There were a couple really funny scenes but I think mainly it was like.. the ride with my "mom and brother" on the way to my "dads". Cause we were all really great and close and then right before filming my "little brother" kept making so many jokes, and he'd randomly laugh during filming when it was a shot on me and I had to keep my face really angry and stuff so that was a little hard.

You’re going through maturity in your singing, will we see the same in your acting?
Definitely you'll see a lot of changes and a lot of difference in Ronnie and Miley Stewart there’s a number of differences and it's more serious acting so there will be a lot more maturity in it.

Ask Miley if she is worried about how her fans might react to her doing a more mature role?
I'm not really worried, I’m' playing 18 and it's a really hardcore role, I don't think parents would jump at letting 12 year olds go and watch it, I think that if they're my true fans though they'll see I'm growing up and embrace the role like I am, I want to act in more serious roles, more movies, more big films and I’m not going to pass it up because of Hannah. I love Hannah, and so many people used this to say "Oh she's trying to get out of Hannah" and I'm not, I love Hannah but I am almost 17 and I am going to be doing more serious and more dark roles, it's a part of the business, it's my dream and I can't stop when I have opportunities because of that. I think once people see the movie and actually see me acting and seeing me do something that's not so "Disney" they'll want to see more of that, and want to see more of what I want to do along side Hannah.

What was it like doing a non-Disney film? Was it any harder to get into your character?
It was very different but not harder, I've been wanting to do serious acting for so long and unleashing all of that was amazing and so much fun, it was just a little different for me and it was nice going to my full potential and not getting scolded to act WORSE. So, that was really different but I loved it and I can't wait for everyone to see it.

Was it hard to prevent Hannah Montana's speech tics and gestures from showing up in the role of Ronnie?
Well on the set of Hannah I'm always told I'm acting TOO much and I basically have to dumb myself down. I have to act LESS because Disney is always funny and light hearted and I'm too much of an actress, so I definitely found myself holding back a lot, but I had to redo the scene because I hated holding back, overall it was amazing to be able to go to the best of my ability and it was definitely a challenge and it was definitely really fulfilling and I was so accomplished, so I'm really proud of how it turned out.

What celebrity star she would want to play her best friend in the Last Song if she could choose? I loved my cast, and I wouldn't change any of them for the entire world.

How was it working with Kelly Preston? Did Miley feel awkward at all with her because of her recent loss?
It wasn't awkward at all, I've known that family and we're all so close and so being there I think was definitely better for both of us, we got time with each other and I'm like a daughter to her anyway and we just got a lot of time together and my Mom was really there for her it was amazing being in a place with her that was so peaceful for that.

Do you ever think you will STOP acting? You said you want to go to Tennessee for your senior year. Do you still want to?
I wanted to, but it doesn't look like I will. As soon as I'm home I'll be working on Hannah, as soon as Hannah's done I'll be working on another movie I'm just super busy and things are piling up that I really need to get done so it doesn't look like Tennessee will be happening but I don’t know really, I want to plan weddings and I want to get into photography some, and things like that. I don't know if I'll take a break from acting or not or anything only time will tell because acting is my passion and I love it so much and I never want to give that up.

Thanks so much for your patience!

<3 The Heart Of Miley, Ashley.


  1. I can't wait for the movie!!!! I'm glad miley is moving on to more mature roles in acting, she can't stay Hannah forever. Obviously some people are going to have a hard time with seeing her grow up and move on to different things, but its just the way it goes. I hope people can see its still the same Miley and love her for her and not who she plays in a movie or on a tv show.

  2. yay! she answered mine! reading these types of questions/answers and knowing what miley is really thinking is amazing. its so cool. i ust know that the last song will be HUGE in so many ways. it wil expand the way people view her career and it will open so many more doors for her! GO MILEY! i loveeeee her so much! and i love you too Ashley for personally connecting with miles and allowing all of us to get to know her better because we all want to so bad!

  3. I think that Miley has worked really hard. And I'm SUPER excited for her movie to come out. Me and a bunch of friends are going to see it opening night! She is awesome! :)

  4. hot dog, she answered all 3 of my questions. worth the wait. good job, y'all. can't wait for the next set.

  5. Miles, she has answered the questions very well. I've read the questions and answers with great zeal. It's good to see that she starts to play serious roles in films.

    Thanks Ashley. I'm looking forward to the next set.

    Oh I've just watched a few videos on youtube from the concert of hope. That was beautiful, what Miley did for that little girl. This video made me tear up. One word "AWESOME".
    "I got to be strong, just keep pushing on"...

  6. oh, everything she told makes me want to see that movie even more. seriously, im so excited.
    i cant decide should i read the book first or see the movie first..?!

  7. Thanks so much Ashley. Sounds like the LAST SONG will be awesome. We can't wait to see it. Thank you for all that you do Ashley it really means alot friend.