Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miley Polls !

I like doing polls! Just so i can kinda see the wide variety of different opinions, thoughts, etc of Miley's fans! My last poll on my blog was "Do You Support Miley's Decision Of Deleting Her Twitter?".

The final results were:

Yes, It All About What's Best For Her! - 115 votes (83%)
No, She NEEDS To Come Back! - 22 votes (16%)

The poll before that was "What Is Your Favorite New Miley Song?".

The final results were:

Kicking & Screaming - 3 votes (8%)
Talk Is Cheap - 4 votes (11%)
Obsessed - 5 votes (14%)
When I Look At You - 14 votes (41%)
Party In The USA - 8 votes (23%)

Thanks for voting!! Posting TWO new polls up! Vote! :)

<3 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)

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  1. hey Ashley, where can we submit the quetsions for The Last Song? :))