Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Ask Miley" Questions Part TWO.

Sorry it took so long and not when promised, but here is what Miley was able to answer on Monday. See if yours was answered!

How can someone get so close to Miley?
By understanding me and being fun and can have deep conversations and stuff I guess I don't know haha.

Nick or Joe as a BFF? or Kev?
Nick is my best friend, but Joe is definetley a good guy haha! He's amazing and so funny. But Nick is more of a "I got a problem" guy. I go to Him for everything, I go to Joe for laughs and to joke around and stuff. Nicks the best friend, Joes the brother.

I realize I have no chance with Miley but would she ever go out with a normal guy like me who isn't famous?
Hahahaha! Sure! Let's do it! Ha

If you could describe your fans in one word, what would it be? :)
Open. Cause they're so open to understanding me and to relating to me, but also like.. I have the best fans in the world cause they're going through a transition with me and growing up with me and they're all so open to change and to growing up. They're absolutely amazing.

If Miley were to come to Australia, what would be the FIRST thing she would do?
See my friiiiend!! Ha!

Whats Miley's favorite life quote?
I love Marylin Monroe quotes! I also love bible quotes. Those are what get me through everything but my favorite quote by far is "make the decision that makes you happy, not strong" which someone really close said to me, that'll always be in my heart.

I'd like to know what Miley is planning on doing with all her money? And how important is money to her in her life now?
Money isn't important, the dream is. I don't even get "my" money! People don't get that, I PAY studios, and Disney, and all that. They get all that "fortune". The money I get goes into a savings for me, Noah and Brazz's college, and so we're safe and taken care of for the rest of our lives. Not "blow off" money. And then any money I personally get goes to my mama. So. I'm not all that "rich". Ha.

Is Miley planning to take time off and go to college when the time comes?
Yeah I'm definitely gonna go to college.

If u could switch lives with one person for one day, who would it be and why?
Ummmm... I think maybe just like be normal and go to school and stuff for a day.

Where do u see yourself in 10 yrs? 20 yrs?
Hopefully like.. A cheerleader coach mom with like.. The big SUV and a couple kids and like.. A really hot body and a really awesome husband and starting a business or something. That'd be pretty cool.

What movie character would you have liked playing (no time limit) and why this one in particular ?
Fran Fine from The Nanny, and just cause I love her, her style and she's so funny and it'd be comical and challenging!

How many pets do you have and what are their names including the ones in Tennessee?
I am NOT naming all those, haha!

If you could rewind time what would you change ?
There'd be one person Id never meet.

What are the qualities you value the most in a person?
Loyalty, trust, support and forgiveness.

What's the biggest perk of being famous ?
Living your dream, IF it's your dream.

Does Miley have a favorite praise & worship song?
I LOVE Nicole Nordeman's worship songs! Anything by her!

Why doesn't Miley like to eat anything green ?
It's gross! Lol!

Thanks for ALL your submissions. They were appreciated. Maybe in a few weeks i'll have some more "Ask Miley" blogs. Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring.

<3 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)


  1. thankss for answering my question ... :)

  2. ... my question wasnt answered anyways.

  3. Miley answered one of my questions !!
    Fran from the Nanny, eh ? I didn't see that one coming but yeah, it would be totally funny !!!

    Thanks to both of you for the "Ask Miley" thing ! :)