Friday, October 9, 2009

Live Chats.

Hey y'all. Well, last night, we had a live chat with Miley. It had been a while since she was last able to have one since her tour started last month. We got a little side tracked and it was a little late for some but we were able to make it. Thank you to those who were there. But i HAVE to make a point clear about the live chats.

Live Chats are held randomly, at Miley's request. I (@TheHeartOfMiley) host them. Thru me is the only way to get the link for the chat. Miley will NOT post it on @Mismile. A few have asked me how i know about the live chats and stuff? Miley tells me, no duh. The Live Chat also has RULES which are there when you first log in for the chat... Miley wrote:

1. I am the only one who can clear the room.
2. If you don't believe, please don't come in.
3. This will be short, so ask questions while you can.
4. I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CLEAR THE ROOM! This is how you'll know it's me, ect. TheHeartOfMiley can also clear if completely necessary.
5. Have fun, but don't cause a problem. I can track, and delete and block you. =]

xo, Miley

It really makes NO sense for people to come into the chat to hate on Miley. Or to even question her? Miley IS Miley. She has a mirror. She knows who she is. @Mismile IS Miley. Y'all should be thankful she even kept that one! And you best believe that your computer CAN be tracked, and banned from everything. It's NO joke. And she can't do live video chats yet like Trace and stuff because of the fact that her computer is being worked on. I think she made that clear. Once she gets it back, she will be doing video chats for y'all in a heartbeat.

For those of you supporting her decision about deleting @MileyCyrus, thank you for standing by her choice. For those of you begging for her to restore it, to be completely honest, its her choice and she is going by what's best for her life at the moment. Yeah you're sad, upset, crying and what not because of it but, at the end of the day its all about how Miley feels. You have NO idea how gossip and blogger sites would tear her down just by what she would say on Twitter. It was horrible. If this is the kinda break she needs, SUPPORT it. That is what she needs right now. NOT people bashing her because she got rid of a friggen twitter account.

@Mismile is her non-verified acct. Blogger and gossip sites CANT take and use words from that account because it is not verified and if they did, it would get them in major trouble. Which is why miley has decided to keep it private and only for Fans. She DID have 35,000+ followers about 2 months ago, but the account got suspended for whatever reason and she had to start over. So it is slowly working its way back up. She even said when it got to a certain amount of followers she would be giving away prizes!! And its simple, if you don't believe, DONT follow either of us. Its YOUR loss. It really is.

For the haters, you're only worth one sentence and one sentence only... you make me LAUGH.

We're hoping to do a long, extended Live Chat soon! AND earlier :)) So keep checking back on my acct and mileys. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below :)

Thanks guys! Hope i've answered any questions you had!

<3 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)

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