Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Lil Update

Hey everyone! How's your week been so far? Hope you had a good one! We all know that Miley's week has been a little rough the past few days. She is sick! Like, flu; strep throat; AND an ear infection all at once. Now, can you imagine having to deal with that while performing in front of like 40,000 people? Well she did on Tuesday in SLC. She did her very best and she pulled through like a real trooper. and YES she did run off stage because of the fact that she wasn't feeling good. I don't think it's right that 5 mins later people put it up on youtube and start spreading rumors about it. Seriously, she is SICK and doing her damn best to DO the best she can while feeling that way. You guys are way too harsh. For the ones that DO support Miles, THANK YOU. You have no idea how much that means to me, AND to Miley i'm sure.

She is in my prayers and i hope she is in yours too. There is no faster healing method than prayer in my opinion. Cause the MOST qualified doctor is God. He can cure anything a pill cannot. So if you believe that like i do, pray. And let's try to make #getwellmiley a trending topic on twitter like it was a while back. Remember that "One Spark Starts A Fire" so let's start with you!

On another note, i just tweeted this but really, i don't understand why people that DON'T like someone, follow that someone. It makes absolutely NO sense to me. Miley should be able to twitpic on @mismile whatever, whenever and however she wants. Why are you looking at the pictures if you don't like her anyway? @mismile is an account for FANS, not HATERS. So go play in traffic, whoever you are. Get a LIFE.

You guys ask me questions a lot on @TheHeartOfMiley, whether it be through DM's or @replies... i'd be happy to answer them. I just can't answer all of them in 140 characters. And some questions are like "How do you know Miley" or "How long have you known Miley" or "Can you ask Miley this?" and to be honest, the account is about Miley, not about me but either way i'd be happy to answer questions in like a blog post or something. So if you have any (or would like me to send some to Miley?) then comment the blog and i'll post another one up answering those questions. Although, you should really be sending your questions to (@MRCFansite) cause that's Miley's official fansite where questions are answered. So if anything visit the site and send your questions there. If not, then i guess here is fine? BTW, if there are ANY rumors you have heard regarding Miley, please let me know. And if you have any doubts concerning the rumors, also let me know. Rumors are rumors unless you hear it from Miley herself. (I want NO questions asking if @mismile if real or not because i will NOT answer that again) ...

and last but not least, I wanna say thanks for all the #FollowFridays you guys include me in. It means A LOT and i smile when you guys say "Follow Ashley, she is soo nice" or "She is the best" cause really guys, it just shocks me to read those things. They are so sweet. Miley has the most amazing fans... EVER! True supporters and thats what TheHeartOfMiley is all about :D

I want @mismile to get her 35,000+ followers again! Please help make that possible! I love you all and thanks for being there for Miley through thick and thin. Truly appreciated! <33

-TheHeartOfMiley (Ashley)


  1. hheeyy, i'm from Mexico City and i would like to know if Miley is ever comming, cause i would love to go to one of her concerts!!
    i hope she feels better and im so sorry about what happened in SLC.
    xoxo, pce&love.
    - LM <3

  2. Hello Ashley !

    I thought I say hello. Honestly, you're really a good writer. And you're a great support for Miles and I'm very glad about it. This is very sad that she's sick. Hope she's feeling better soon. Anyway, I'll pray for her.

    Lovely greetings from Germany


    PS: You're an angel and angels are a part of our everyday lives.

  3. We are praying for Miley every day and night.
    You are super sweet, and I trully enjoy your blogs.
    Thank you so much for being a link to Miley for her real supporters.
    I also hate it whe I see neg post or comments on Miley's blogs and such.
    All those haters should be blocked, or something, but I'm sure Miley dosen't have the time to go through all the people who folow her to block the haters. It's sad those people take the time to read, look and judge her. I would think they could be doing something better with their time? Like go parent their kids the right way, don't expect a TV, or a teen age young lady to parent there kids.
    K. I gotta stop about that cause I am gettin upset about it, and I don't like to allow those people to upset me. If I let that happen then they win, and they dont deserve that.
    Once again thank you for all you do for us real fans/supporters, and for Miley.
    Praying for Miley,
    dustysmommy & Dustin