Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Words From Miley....

Yesterday in @Mismile, Miley spoke da troof! She said what was on her mind & how she feels....

Miley Said:
Okay so I'm gonna rant my butt off real fast, then you'll kinda get what's on my mind. As to the video, yes, it's all true and I'm pretty sure this twitter is going too. Like ya'll wrote me "Aww cute rap!" it's not cute. I wrote it that way for a reason. I love ya'll, no duh I'm not gonna sit there and be like "Okay guys this is court. Stay silent, and boring." no, I'm gonna mix it up cause I'm ME, but that's besides the point. I wanted to make it clear that in no way shape or form was I in anyway refering to my FANS messing things up. "Living for moments, not living for people." and the tabloids. What that means, is that I tweeted ENTIRELY too much. And every tweet I... well tweeted, became NEWS. I am SIXTEEN years old. And my twitter delete was on the news with someone BOMBING THE MOON! How is my deleting an ONLINE ACCOUNT, like I'm sure 16 year old girls do to some sites EVERY DAY, it was on the news with the scientists bombing the friggen moon. Now that should say ENOUGH that it was way over done. I'm tired of living for tabloids. THat's not YA'LL, that's ME. For a long time, not just this tour but even back before I met Justin or any of that happened, I was always doing things and ESPECIALLY once I joined twitter, I was living to make rumors seem happy. Going around and living to make rumors look LESS brutal. They're LIES.

I am SO tired of living that way and I'm not anymore. I decided today (AFTER the video was even UP actually. I was on stage basically the whole time it was in my head) that I AM gonna live for me now. I'm too tired, I'm sixteen years old and run into the GROUND. I had a complete break down today BEFORE my concert, I was crying, and screaming, and freaking out because I haven't missed home. Missed FRANKLIN. Nashville. My home has been LA. That's NOT my home. That's a city of lies, and deception. And it's my CAREER home. That's NOT my home. I broke down because it's like.. I have to be working to see my dad, I have to be on tour with mybrother to see him, My Mom is my MANAGER. We don't live a normal life. OBviously. But me living the way I did, so obsessed with rumors it was insane. And again, my tweets shouldn't be NEWS.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the rap, I enjoyed making it but it had FEELING. Now even on THIS twitter I'm getting "WHY'D YOU DISS NICK JONAS?!" that was literally like 4 of my @replies yesterday. I have no idea HOW I "dissed" Nick. He's one of my best friends. He actually called me and got me THROUGH my "break down" today and was talking about when I FIRST came here. I didn't come here to be swarmed with cameras, and to have lies made up about me and to have people saying they HATE me when they don't even know me. That's a big thing too, Ya'll don't KNOW me. You know my tweets and yes they'er REAL, they're not some fake personality. It's me. But ya'll don't know ME personally and have NO right to make judgments on who I am. Just like I don't with YOU guys. My "JG" tweets was just a joke because like most teenage girls I was thinking back on relationships and like "Whatever I didn't NEED him." and honestly "that guy" DOES make me sick. Because of who he showed ME he was, and the person he ACTUALLY was. Ya'll don't know the story don't JUDGE it or tell me I have no RIGHT to say something. I have every right to say anything I feel the need to.

OH! A fun fact? I Broke my toe today!! Sorry completely off topic but I had to say it cause I just got a bad pain! IT's the toe RIGHT by my pinky toe and I think it got broken during a show BEFORE or something? It's literally HUGE though! Like anyone who went to the show and had to experience Bottom of the Ocean I'm sorry if one toe was like INSANELY huge and drew all of your attention away! Haha.

Okay, out of my funny moment. Umm.. not that my toe is a joking matter. It hurts folks... =]

Anywho! I'm just tired of living the way I was and YES that video was to Perez and all those other DUMB gossipers that are so STUPID they assume things and lie about lives as a LIVING. But it was also for me cause I haven't been living right, and I'm livnig for me now and RIGHT NOW I am honestly THE happiest I have EVER been.

I'm SO over boyfriend rumors. I have friends, and yeah, I MIGHT be with someone. But that's none of anyone's business but mine and theirs, and anyone wanna assume who it is go ahead. I honestly don't care anymore. But your NOT right just because some stupid site says so, or a couple pictures "look" like we're close. Or even anything I've said recently. You don't know. And I like it that way. My private life is private now. Of course right now I'm a LITTLE more blunt but taht's cause I'm still fired up from the show. And I WILL say personal things IF I keep mismile. I have a HEAVY heart that I won't. Because I'm SO over it for good reasons. But I don't know yet. A LOT of twitter action will be going through @theheartofmiley. I'm not sure about live chats anymore or anything like that, we'll see int he future but as of now I'm over them.

I'm just REALLY sorry and I'm done with rumors and CARING about them, if someone goes to a site and reads what they THINK is my life and assumes it's true, so be it. I don't care, cause I'm LIVING that life, and the decisions I make is what will affect MY life. Ten years from now I don't wanna look back and REGRET living a certain way cause I'm suppose to be a PARENT to every kid alive because THEIr parents decided to let their kids idolize a girl who puts on a blonde wig and is a rockstar. That's your decision but if parents are reading this I'd strongly recommend parenting classes and start doing your job, cause I'm out of my cage, and I DON'T care about rumors anymore. I'm gonna be me. Raw.

Don't like it? Deal.

This IS Miley. The Miley that i know and love. The Miley you all should know and love. Like she said... "Don't Like It? Deal."

Enjoy Miley's new rap video explaining why she deleted her twitter. And it had NOTHING to do with you guys, the fans, trust me! She LOVES you guys!

Thanks again! Much Love! <3>


  1. well, i think Miley made a right decision.It's her life and she can do what ever she wants. I cant even imagine someone being mad becoz she deleted her twitter. She's just a normal teenager and she can do with her twitter what ever she wants.
    And yea i bet its hard if every word u type in twitter is later on news. might be annoying. So, i support Miley.
    Sure, it would be a bit sad if she deleted her @mismile too, but i still think it's her life and her decision.
    For me her tweets were just fun to read.i've NEVER thought anything bad abt miley..and her tweets were just a way to hear abt her and so..

    I hope she's doing well :)


  2. i also support Miley on deleting her twitter, even before i saw the rap. i think she should do whatever it is she thinks she needs to do for herself.

    best wishes for Miley. and you too :]

  3. Miley, I wanted to let you know that I support your decision to 120%. The only thing that counts is that you're happy and safe. No matter what you do, I'll support you. Miles, you're great at acting and singing. Never give up these two things. I really enjoy your music and all the other things.

    Cheer up! I love ya