Saturday, September 26, 2009


So as you ALL may know, I have a twitter account i run called @TheHeartOfMiley . I also have a myspace account for it at as well. The idea came outta the blue to have a support account for those people that love the REAL Miley for who she is, forgetting about her fame, the drama, and everything in between and loving her for her because i KNOW those are the kind of fans she truly appreciates and loves and therefore have a spacial place in her heart. Which is why we are the Heart Of Miley. In that special place that can only filled with true love and appreciation.

Miley only has TWO twitter accounts. and those are @MileyCyrus and @Mismile . There is NO other one. Like all others? they are COMPLETELY FAKE. and if you DO doubt, then i do believe the "Unfollow" button is right underneath her display pictures and you might as well unfollow me too. Cause neither of us have time to go and try to "prove" anything to anyone.

I do host the Miley Live Chats. Before her tour started, she would ask me to notify you all of the live chats. and i LOVE those and i know you guys do too! She would mention them but she gives me the link to the site SOOO you have to follow to get the link hehe. Now, she can't do it at all because she is so busy touring! But i hopes we can get another one VERY soon!

I try to keep you guys updated wiff current Miley news. I do talk to Miles every now and then and I know other people beat me to the updates BUT i will also do my very best to keep y'all updated! =]

i have like NOONE on the myspace i have guys! Like, c'mon i KNOW you guys have a myspace LOL. ADD it! and you can prolly add "exclusive" people i have on there too ;] thats a maybe though. So go take a look! =]

So y'all know Miley has a PERSONAL blog. right? its and it is 100% her! but like SO her, that she talks about things you have to do a double take to LOL! She is so willing to be open with you guys! you just have to accept her for who she is! she is not OMG MILEY, she is simply miley. So follow her blog, this new blog and if you WANT, follow MY personal blog at cause i know some of y'all like to read it ha.

SOOOOOOO imma wrap it up and leave you guys wiff Miley's new video "Party In The U.S.A" which is soo killer! i LOVE it. "Honey, we are definitely not in Disney anymore..." HA! Enjoy.

Thanks SOOO much for taking the time to read this and i will be blogging every now and then! So remember to ask people to PLEASE follow @mismile and @theheartofmiley on Twitter! =]


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  1. HAHA this is AWESOME girl!
    You are so effing great for blogging from here as well!!
    God bless you