Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Ask Miley" Questions Part ONE.

I was able to gather some of your questions and ask Miley a while ago. There were some really good questions!! Here are her answers!

1.What would you do if you had a sudden outburst of hiccups on stage?
I've had hiccups on stage before and needed to cough and stuff it's a lot more simple then people think I guess, you just stop singing. Lol! I have back up singers and stuff that help like crazy when I have to run backstage and puke and stuff I'm sure hiccups would be a breeze, ha!

2.Do you think a normal girl like me could become a superstar like you?
Uhh you know I really hate answering questions like that cause it doesn't include the bad too, like there's always a bad side of stuff but like I feel like I should warn people about stuff in hollywood, but anything you wanna be you can do. GOD didn't make us better than anyone or less than anyone we're all equal and can reach equal goals with hard work and stuff. You can do anything and if you really want to be in the business you could definitely do it just a lot of hard work and determination.

3.If Miley was doing a small concert and only had enough time to sing one of her songs, which would she choose?
Omg that'll make me nervous thinking about it... Lol! Uhh.. Probably kickin and screaming or obsessed. Those are my favorites. But one song.. Either those or like The Climb, something that's known and enjoyed as just a song cause without a whole concert that'd be pretty disappointing if it was a song someone didn't like!

4.what are her top 3 snacks?
Oh that's a good one!! Lol! Umm... I love peach rings, and I literally like.. I have them on tour SO many things of them and anytime someone walks in or I'm not working I'm literally stuffing my face. Lol! And another one is beef jerky? Sooo good, and we have a lot because Noah is like cutting teeth like a baby or something cause her dentist said she needed beef jerky cause it wouldn't hurt her but it's good to chew on and I like stole it all! Haha. So I eat beef jerky a lot.. And the other would
probably be McDonalds cause I get that like every single day. Haha! It's heaven in nasty greasy bags.

4.Sometimes don't you have enough of all the fame and you wish you weren't famous? or are you happy with the way your life is?
I love my life, I hate some of the aspects within fame. Like the tabloids and the paparatzi and all that stupid stuff I HATE that. But I love music and music IS my life it's everything to me and I'd never give that up. If I hadn't come here I don't know where the bullying would've lead, and I'd be in a normal high school which I don't want to go through those grades cause it's all superficial, drama, "if your not a cheerleader your dirt" stuff. And I hate that and the clicks and stuff but I love having friends that are in schools and stuff cause I kinda have that in my life like I know what happens. Those are definitely experiences that I'll look back
and wish I had a little BUT I love where I am and I'd definitely rather be helping the kids that are in that struggle then being one. So I'm happy where I am and I'm living for music and myself not tabloids and stupid gossip sites.

5.what is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
Umm.. I'm not sure last night I had a pretty weird dream! Like.. I remember Nick and Joe being with me and we had to like.. Mess up a car? Like take parts out of it or something, and we had to hide in little walmart clothes things? (you've all done it don't lie) and like. Dane Cook was in mine? And I love him so GOOD DREAM! Lol! But it was weird. Dane was lookin hot though..

6.How on earth does a person get a chance at sound-check or meet & greet w/ Miley?
They set those up WITH the concerts, like Noah and Em are doing things but like actual meet and greets are set up before and you get a chance to buy tickets. But like "roadie for a day" we do stuff like that too you just gotta keep your eyes open, and it's definitely a errrr chance If you have a mileyworld and stuff.

7.What or Who inspired Miley to act and sing?
My aunt dolly was a huge inspiration for me, my dad, and my dad always says I was singing before I could talk, so like I know it was always there, my dad knew I was gonna be in music, but like my inspirations are like my aunt dolly and stuff. NOW I have inspirations too like John Lennon and stuff like that. Also Hilary Duff was a huge one.

8.Miley, what's it like having older fans that are 22 like me? Do you feel creeped out by it?
No I love it I think right now I'm in a huge transition and it more started toward breakout but this EP definetley kinda threw me into an older audience too, Ashlee Simpsons track and stuff. But I absolutely love it because Disney IS gonna go away eventually and not only do I have those fans I'm growing with but also an older audience too. It's amazing and I'm like SO happy seeing older fans cause this is a really hard transition so I love my fans of all ages.

9.Does Miley play video games? If so, which ones and what console?
Rock band. And like I have this huge.. Thing and it's a computer, a tv and a nintendo in one. So I hve a nintendo and Mario and all that but mainly guitar hero and rock band, especially on tour, we just got "sing star" or "sing it" or whatever and that's fun too.

10.Do you like Roller coasters?
I LOVE roller coasters. Love them SO much. Goliath is a good one.

11.What does Miley like to do when shes at home?? LIKE night being shes an insomniac and all?
Computer, lol! I video chat a lot, and just talk to friends and stuff cause I have lots of friends (*cough cough*) that are insomniacs too! Write songs, just play around I dunno. Lol!

12.Whats her fave thing to do with friends?
Sushi. Haha. Hands down. Also like it's become a tradition somehow but goin to target with your pajamas on and playing hide and seek is waaay fun. Like Scott when he stayed with me right before tour he was sitting staring at me and I was like "what?!" and he said that no one stays with me and doesn't do something crazy and fun so I think that's a good title to have, lol! The slumber party fun person or something. I dunno. But it's great! Lol! Anywaaaay! Sushi. And making rap videos... Definetley.

13.Is Miley interested in hosting SNL someday?!
Hahaha! No thank you!

14.What is your earliest childhood memory?
Being at dads concerts probably. And being in Nashville on the horses and all that. Just Nashville.

15.Is Miley going go more into a like rock alternative way?
Yeah, my next album is gonna be my kind of music, what I listen to, it's gonna be rock. I'm gonna have a rock album that's kinda how I love my music. I can't wait.

16.If she could have dinner with john lennon, what would she say?
Ohmygoodness... Lol! Umm. I'd probably have like my little freak out, and definitely talk some music and stuff.

17.If she could live anywhere in the world, where would it be??
Tennessee! Duh. Aside from that.. Maybe London or something cause I could definitely study style there and stuff. But definetley Franklin TN!

18.How many closets does she have?
I have two closets at my house, on tour I have a bunk of clothes and then my costume/concert outfits. But I share my clothes with my mom too. And she had a really unique style for like an older generation, but we wear the same size so we're always like rocker relaxed. It's so cool sharing clothes with my mom.

19.What is your favorite fan gift you've ever gotten?
I love scrap books those are THE best. I love em! Also I had like a bracelet one time a fan gave me and u wore that for a year and a half so it's just anything really.

20.What is the best date you've ever been on?
Cute question!! I like this one! Ha! One time after a show this boy took me to a beach and it was like midnight and I think I DID love it so much cause it was so simple, and he really knew me and I was in pajamas an no make up and we went down to the beach and it was just amazing we sat and talked and we danced on the beach and ended up having splash fights in our pajamas and like I think it wa also so amazing because I'm a fun person, I don't want JUST romantic mushy stuff. And we were standing in the water and he had my hands and he told me he loved me blah blah (no that wasn't the first time don't get all "awwww!") and he said he loved me then shoved me in the water. Not like hurt me but pushed me, and I think that was amazing cause it was fun. And we spent the entire night there until sunrise just like hanging out and dancing and him picking me up and throwing me in the water and stuff. I had a nasty cold for like 2 weeks but it was worth it.

Keep your questions coming!! Ask them here or on twitter!! I'll have another blog with more questions answered by Monday!! Don't be sad if your questions aren't in this blog, check back on Monday for the other! Thanks again you guys!

<3 The Heart Of Miley (Ashley)

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  1. yayy =] miley u answered all my questions !
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    this was such a good idea ashleey =]
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  2. aww its so nice hearing more abt Miley!
    her date sounds AMAZING!like in a movie. oh boy i want that too!Lol!

  3. awwww... it's so nice she answered my questions... THank you miley ! <3

    and you know what? you are probably the only disney celebrity I admire. Really. YOur not just another dumb kid with a nice voice and a pretty smile. YOu're something SO much more and I love it ! <3

  4. "insomniac friends *cough cough*".....baha haha ahaha!!! :P

  5. Yay, my question's the first one one the list!!! Thanks for answering, Miley! <3

  6. Miley, you've very well answered question 8. Question 8 is especially important for me because I belong to the older audience.

    I've a question for Miles. And here is my question. Just imagine! Miles, you gotta go on a lonesome island and you may take only three things. Which three things would you take with you?

    Take care and I love ya, Miley.


  7. Hey.
    Sorry for being so unpatient, but when is the next blog going to appear? =]
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    Love ALWAYS.

  8. thanks for posting this up. a lot of my questions are answered here. random questions are awesome. keep this up, cause i love knowing Miley, THE REAL HER. and i dont read stuffs from gossip sites AT ALL. fansites are always the best.

    love ya Miley,
    love ya Ashley.
    wow, your names rhymes. soo jealous :)